Posted in Making Magic on February 10, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

This is an early meeting for the large expansion that’s going to happen in the far future. This is the concept stage where you are talking "big picture" about the entire block. What’s the future block going to be about?

The conceptual part of design is very different from the later hands-on portion. At this point, the designers sit around talking about areas that we have yet to explore. Many of these early meetings involve the designers imagining “what if.”

Today we’re talking about the idea of a sixth color. The rumor of the sixth color has floated around forever. As an experiment, today you’re imagining how the team would do a sixth color. Be aware that this doesn’t mean you’re going to make a sixth color, but it's an exercise to see how you would tackle the problem. Quite often these kinds of discussions are stepping stones to better ideas.

The first question that’s raised is what color is the sixth color? The leading candidates are purple, yellow, orange and gray. Grey gets knocked out, as the new artifact border is silver. The team makes a quick diversion talking about how split the public is over the changing of the artifact border color. Yellow then gets knocked out because it’s too close to gold.

That leaves purple and orange. Years ago InQuest ran an article talking about a sixth color and chose purple. Probably influenced by that article, purple has been the default choice for the sixth color. Screw convention, you say, let’s go with orange. You make a passionate speech. You get voted down and purple is the imaginary sixth color of the day.

Continue the meeting.

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