Posted in Making Magic on February 10, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

This group is the more flavor-oriented side of R&D. Once a week this group gets together for barbecue and comics.

A quick aside about your comic habit… You collected comics all through your youth. You collected them right up until the time when you started working at Wizards. But in the early days you were working crazy hours and you stopped collecting. Then about a year ago, Tyler Bielman suggested you come along to get comics. You said you’d better not because you were the equivalent of an alcoholic and the comics shop was a bar. Tyler said he’d buy you the first drink. You now have a comic habit of fifteen titles a month. And it’s getting worse.

This is a lively bunch of guys and you end up talking about many non-work related topics. You not only have a good meal and good talk, you get more comic books!

Time to go back to work.

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