Posted in Making Magic on February 10, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Playtest cardsOne of the perks of being in R&D is that part of your job is joining playtests. We have certain playtests at the same time every week. Others are put together spontaneously. Such a playtest has been put together this morning.

The development team is testing out the latest set and they’re looking for other R&D members to join in. Sounds like fun. As you sit down to build your deck, you think, “I’m not goofing off. This is my job.”

Unlike in real Magic, the card collation in playtests is horrible. You get only two white creatures. Luckily, you go three copies of a red card you consider broken. You objective today is to demonstrate how good this guy is.

Mid-playtest the card gets changed (you were doing a little too good with it); in fact, in the middle of one of your games a developer scribbles new numbers on your card with a ballpoint pen. As such, the power of your deck drops significantly. Ah, well. You end up going 3-1.

Boy, time has flown. Time for your meeting.

Go to your desk.

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