Posted in Making Magic on February 10, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast


A quick heads-up. The team finished its second pass through the set yesterday and we’ve created seven holes. If you could send me your ideas by noon next Wednesday, that would be very helpful.

CW08 – The team didn’t like the current card. We really need for it to be an instant but we already have damage prevention and enchantment removal.

RW06 – This can be anything. We want something Timmy-cool. The art incidentally shows a weird swirl of white magic coming out of a field. Check the database to see what it looks like.

UU04 – We need a new counterspell. Rules killed the last one, but we liked the area it was playing around in. So, something like the last one that won’t “break the space-time continuum.”

CR06 – Team didn’t like this card. Still needs to be a spell. No direct damage.

CG01 – We’re short on small green creatures. This must be 2/2 or smaller. But no tap effects. We have art for a weird boar-looking creature. See database for art.

RG03 – The team is looking for something weird here. Probably an enchantment. Make Johnny happy!

RA01 – In the words of Henry, this card is “as broken as broken could be.” Team doesn’t believe it can make it work. We need another way to represent the Bronze Urn. See story document from two weeks ago.

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