2013 Magic Online Championship

Posted in Making Magic on December 20, 2013

By Lauren Beauregard

Lauren Beauregard joined Wizards of the Coast in July 2013 as the assistant digital business manager for Magic Online. With a background in advertising and process creation management, Lauren is the tactical arm of the Magic Online business management team; she works with Mike Turian to turn Magic Online plans into action.

The Magic Online Championship is an in-person event where some of the best players Magic Online has to offer battle in person over Magic Online. The 2013 Magic Online Championship is being held March 28–30, 2014, in San Francisco!

This year's competitors will compete in Standard, Cube Draft, Modern, and Theros/Born of the Gods Draft events, with a Standard Top 4, for their share of a $116,000 prize pool. The player list consists of sixteen players, including last year's champion, ten 2013 MOCS season finalists, and two Players of the Year.

Here's the list of competitors:

Butakov Egdirb
Roon prolepsis9
Alloran youhavenogame
Accord3 Riand
Mazuku94 Anssi A
straca3 Zwischenzug
Paanika Malavi
cjlack92 Bruno_Overlord

The winner of the Limited Player of the Year Event on Saturday, December 21, at 11 a.m. Pacific, will add his or her name to this list (along with two more in early 2014!).

If you're not on the list, fear not! You can watch all three days of streaming coverage live on Twitch.tv/Magic . The cameras will come on at the start of Round 1 and won't shut off until a champion is crowned, with every round featuring a main match plus live look-ins possible at every other match, thanks to the flexibility of Magic Online. Bringing you this coverage will be the star-studded team of Hall of Famers Luis Scott-Vargas and Randy Buehler, along with Brian David-Marshall, Rashad Miller, and Marshall Sutcliffe.


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