Changes to Magic Online Events

Posted in Making Magic on November 13, 2013

By Worth Wollpert

Hi folks,
I wanted to take a moment to personally apologize for the issues on Magic Online over the past couple of days, especially with regard to the premier-level events. It's not acceptable for your experience with Magic Online to be anything less than ideal, and we recognize that the system has been having performance issues for quite some time now. As a longtime Magic player myself, who spent many years on the Pro Tour, I understand that we need to deliver a world-class tournament experience. We have fallen down on that, and we are going to fix it.

Because of these issues and your feedback, we are suspending all Daily Events, Premier Events, PTQs, and MOCS events on Magic Online beginning with tomorrow's downtime.

The whole Magic Online team is working on a plan right now to address the events of those types that have already begun (e.g., MOCS season 12 and upcoming MOCS LCQs) and will be updating soon with more news on those events. I am also committed to giving you an update before the end of the year on our progress toward restoring normal tournament functionality and the premier-level events that you all love to play in and we love to run.

Queue-level events such as 8–4 drafts will remain open, as will all casual play, and we will be introducing a few new Queue events to supplement the number of play opportunities available to you. In addition, we will still host the makeup MOCS and PTQ events this coming weekend. More details on that can be found here.

I sincerely appreciate the feedback that we received. The team here is committed to bringing you the best experiences possible that honor the incredible game that Magic is. If you would like to share feedback with the Magic Online team, please send an email to

Thank you all for your patience.

Worth Wollpert
Executive Producer—Magic Online

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