Community Cup 2013 Announcement

Posted in Making Magic on June 14, 2013

By Sean Gibbons

Born in a dimension of pure cake, Sean Gibbons was quickly sent into exile after leading a rebellion opposing The Great Margarine Edict. Arriving on Earth, he saved a school bus full of Mulldrifters from being evoked and was instantly adopted by Wizards of the Coast to serve as their associate community manager. Those Mulldrifters later died to removal.

Throughout the five-year history of the Magic Online Community Cup, the event has served as an annual smorgasbord of agony and defeat for Wizards of the Coast. Each year, Wizards has asked the members of the Magic Online community to nominate their ideal champions to come visit our corporate HQ and play a few friendly matches, and each year a new Community Team would assemble and demolish any and all opposition we put forward to stop them.

Last year, however, that reign of glory was put to an end. The Wizards Team struck back:

Did we outnumber the Community Team five to one? Sure. Did we feed them heavy foods, force them to walk miles through a condemned labyrinth underneath Seattle, and then keep them up way past their bed times? Maybe... yes... perhaps. The point is that WE WON! Finally.

So what's better in life than winning? The answer is having a great time and making friends NOTHING. Victory is a sweet and delicious pudding cup, and the Wizards Team is ready for another. We will once again drive our enemies before us and hear the lamentation of their homunculi, and this time the battle for the Community Cup will be held not at Wizards HQ, but in a new and spectacular arena:

PAX Prime!

That means a lot of exciting things for the event, but we'll save those details for a later date. For now, we need your suggestions for the next Community Team. Who will you send to their doom this year? You can give us your input by visiting THIS form. In the subject field, type "Community Cup." In the question section, type anything else you want us to know about your nominee. We'll take every submission into consideration before ultimately deciding who we invite to participate in the Community Cup.

The goal is to create a Community Team that fully represents the Magic Online community. We invite individuals both as a way of acknowledging their efforts as community leaders, but also for the chance to meet in person the various players who have helped Magic Online thrive. When nominating potential invites, keep the following thoughts in mind:

  • What has this player contributed to Magic Online and its community? Creating and sustaining casual formats, helping new players learn the game, answering questions in the forums—all of these are actions worthy for nomination.
  • How well will this player represent the community at the event? Is he or she a good sport? Does he or she handle winning and losing gracefully? Is this someone you'd personally enjoy playing against?
  • What does the player do to help raise awareness for Magic Online? Articles, live streams, recorded videos, and social media conversations about Magic Online are all great ways to expand public awareness about the game and its players and will make your player a strong nomination for the Community Cup.

In addition, we've set up a thread in our official forums so you can discuss what qualities you look for in your representatives. When posting, please remember to follow the Wizards Community Code of Conduct, as well as the other and Magic Online terms and conditions. Get in there and discuss what kind of champion you want to send through the gauntlet!

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