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Posted in Making Magic on February 5, 2004

By Mark Rosewater

Working in R&D since '95, Mark became Magic head designer in '03. His hobbies: spending time with family, writing about Magic in all mediums, and creating short bios.

One of the ongoing disputes in R&D is which Star Wars film: A New Hope (the original film) or The Empire Strikes Back? I'm in the New Hope camp as I believe that Empire is only as good a film as it is because it builds on all the work done by New Hope. My contention is that Empire seen in a vacuum (that is without seeing any other Star Wars films) does not stand up as well as New Hope.

That said, I think Empire is a great film and #2 in the Star Wars collection by a healthy margin. Other R&D members disagree. They believe that Empire simply as a movie-going experience is better than New Hope. They say that the two films need to be judged side by side.

This fight has been going on for as long as I've worked at Wizards and I have no belief that it will ever be resolved.

What do you all believe? I'd be happy to hear your feedback.

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