Friday Night Countdown: Pro Tour Dragon's Maze

Posted in Making Magic on May 29, 2013

By Rich Hagon and Brian David-Marshall

Pro Tour Dragon's Maze showcased the top players in the world in both the Return to Ravnica Block Constructed format and the full Return to Ravnica-Gatecrash-Dragon's Maze Booster Draft. Now it's time to put that information to use at your Friday Night Magic!

We distilled the most important lessons from the Pro Tour down into these helpful videos. Part I focuses on the breakout Dragon's Maze cards that you need to take into account across Constructed formats. Part II is all about Booster Draft and the complexities introduced by Dragon's Maze, delving into the draft strategies of Pro Tour–winner Craig Wescoe and two-time PT Top 8er Denniz Rachid. Finally, Part III takes a look at the end-of-season award winners and the loaded sixteen-player field for the Magic World Championship, starting July 31 in Amsterdam.


Part I: A Constructed Look at Dragon's Maze


Part II: Drafting Dragon's Maze


Part III: End-of-Season Awards

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