SDCC & PAXA Magic Panel Previews

Posted in Making Magic on July 25, 2013

By Mike McArtor

Mike first played with Ice Age and became the copy editor for in December 2011. Before DailyMTG, he was an editor on D&D's Dragon magazine for four years.

Last weekend, Mark Rosewater, Mark Purvis, Jenna Helland, and Dave Guskin presented the Magic panel at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) and Aaron Forsythe did the same at PAX Australia. Both panels covered the same information, but provided a few different preview cards. Enough words, here is the video from SDCC!

The rest of this article is full of images of cards. Enjoy!

From Duel Decks: Heroes vs Monsters , releasing September 6, 2013:

And from Magic: The Gathering Commander 2013 , releasing November 1, 2013, the PAX Australia panel showed off...

...while the SDCC panel gave us...

Hero's Path

Let's switch gears here and talk about the Hero's Path, which Dave Guskin explained in yesterday's feature article. If you go to the Theros Prerelease, September 21–22, 2013, you'll get one of these:

And here they are so you can read them all:

And in case you didn't know, the backs of those cards are not normal Magic-card backs. Each one has a unique code you'll be able to redeem at for an achievement. Those cards will then be used at Game Day when you go against the Face the Hydra Challenge Deck, which has cards that look like...

...and have a unique card back that looks like...

Celebrating twenty amazing years of Magic, From the Vault: Twenty releases August 23, 2013! Here are two of the preview cards from the weekend:

Here are the two preview cards from Aaron's PAX Australia panel:

And here are the two SDCC-exclusive preview cards:

I apologize for the slow roll to get us here, but the final preview card from #FTV20 I have to show you is totally worth the wait:


So... what are you looking forward to most? :)

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