Seasonal Points to Set Grand Prix Byes through November 30

Posted in Making Magic on June 11, 2014

By Wizards of the Coast

In response to player feedback, Grand Prix byes will continue to use Seasonal Award Season levels to determine byes through November 30, as opposed to August 30, as previously announced.

In order to ease the transition to the new system, seasonal points will still determine one-, two-, and three-round byes from June 2 through August 24 using the existing thresholds:

400 Planeswalker Points: 1 bye
750 Planeswalker Points: 2 byes
1,500 Planeswalker Points: 3 byes

Three-round byes will still be eliminated after August 24, and three-round Planeswalker Point–based bye levels that are earned during the period between June 2 and August 24 will carry over to the next season as two-round byes.

From August 25 through November 30, Seasonal Award Season points will still be able to determine one- and two-round byes using the existing thresholds.

400 Planeswalker Points: 1 bye
750 Planeswalker Points: 2 byes

Byes based on levels earned during this season will not carry over after November 30.

During this period, players will receive the number of byes equal to the higher of their yearly or seasonal award. So a player who has enough Yearly Award Season Planeswalker Points to earn one bye but enough Seasonal Award Season points to earn two byes will receive two byes at any Grand Prix between August 25 and November 30.

After November 30, the entire system will use only Yearly Award Season Planeswalker Points to award byes. The Yearly Award Season levels used to earn byes will be:

1,300 Planeswalker Points: 1 bye
2,250 Planeswalker Points: 2 byes

To read the full original announcement concerning the transition to an exclusively yearly award season, click here.

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