So You Want to be a Hero

Posted in Making Magic on September 23, 2013

By Jon Loucks

Jonathon Loucks is a digital designer in Wizards R&D. As a civilian, he enjoyed playing and writing about rogue decks. Later, he co-hosted the Limited Resources podcast. Now he works on the many facets of Magic Online.

You may already be familiar with the Hero's Path campaign taking place through your local Prerelease, Release, and Game Day events. I'm here to tell you about how you can walk the Hero's Path on Magic Online as well. Grab your gear and let's get to it!

Magic Online Theros Prereleases

Your first step onto the Hero's Path takes place during the Theros Prerelease on Magic Online, beginning October 4. To begin, you choose one of five Hero's Paths, each one corresponding to a color of mana. In addition to your sealed pool and promo card, you'll also get a tradable Hero Avatar card unique to your chosen path.

Hero's Path Choices
Hero's Path Avatar Hero Card
The Protector
The Philosopher
The Avenger
The Warrior
The Hunter

You can't play with these avatars in your Prerelease. Instead, use them to play in...


The Hero's Path Magic Online Format

With the Theros Prereleases, we'll also be introducing the Hero's Path Constructed format. Players can join with any legal Standard deck and up to two unique Hero Avatars.

To get a Hero Avatar in your deck, just include it in the main deck while building. Hero Cards won't count toward your sixty-card minimum, so you're likely going to be submitting a deck with at least sixty-one or sixty-two cards.

Once the game starts, you'll see the Hero Avatars on their owner's battlefield. (If you're using the current client, you'll see them in the command zone window.) You can activate them like normal cards, although they can't be interacted with as permanents.

There are seven unique Hero Avatars to collect from Theros. Five of those come from the five Prerelease Paths available. To get the sixth you'll need...

Magic Online Theros Release Events

There are multiple Sealed and Draft offerings for Theros Release events. (For a complete list of release events, check out Mike Turian's article.) Each participant in these events will receive a copy of the Hero Avatar, The Harvester:

So where do you get the seventh Hero Card? You'll have to...

Face the Hydra

To be honest, I don't think you can defeat the Hydra. It's too powerful. You should turn back. On Magic Online, the Hydra is Wizards R&D itself! So, yeah, you can't win. We're too powerful. Sorry, Hero, but this is where your path ends.

Should you foolishly wish to continue toward your demise, first you must earn the right to face the Hydra. There will be five "Face the Hydra" Premier Events using the Hero's Path format. The winner of each becomes a chosen champion to participate in an exhibition one-on-one match against the Hydra (a member of Wizards R&D piloting a powerful Hydra-themed Standard deck).

That's where the seventh, and final, Theros Hero Avatar will be given out. All participants in a Face the Hydra premier event will receive a copy of The Slayer:

If the majority of the chosen heroes manage to defeat the Hydra (yeah, right) then the rest of the community can expect to reap the rewards as well.

A Hero's Work is Never Done

Even if you somehow manage to slay the Hydra, there will still be more heroing to do! Expect more challenges ahead as Theros block continues to unfold.

Good luck, young hero.

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