Top 25 Rankings: April 10, 2014

Posted in Making Magic on April 10, 2014

By Wizards of the Coast

Grand Prix Phoenix took place last weekend, and ten of the Magic Top 25 were in action. The highest finisher was Eric Froehlich, who made it all the way to the Top 8. It's no small achievement to have GP Top 8s into double figures, and Froehlich has proved himself time and again to be among the world's very best. With his progress halted in the quarterfinals, he moves up in the rankings to tie for No. 19, pushing down Chris Fennell, Martin Juza, and Raphaël Lévy in the process.

Further down the standings in Phoenix, Alexander Hayne sneaked into the Top 32, while Shahar Shenhar and Paul Rietzl also finished in the 30s. Tom Martell, meanwhile, finished in the tedious 65th spot, just one place shy of a Pro Point. Also missing out on points were reigning Player of the Year Josh Utter-Leyton, Ben Stark, Owen Turtenwald, Martin Juza, and Shuhei Nakamura.

Froehlich has long been an integral part of the original ChannelFireball team, and it's worth noting that, as we look at our current Top 10, fully eight of them are on either Team CFB or the newly minted CFB Pantheon team. Stark, Shenhar, Nakamura, and Utter-Leyton are part of the original crew, while Duke, Turtenwald, Black, and Martell hail from the Pantheon. Only Yuuya Watanabe and current No. 1 Jérémy Dezani in the Top 10 are not part of the two giant teams. Even the one new entry to the Top 25—David Ochoa—comes from the CFB stable, knocking out Matej Zatlkaj for the time being.

With Dezani likely to remain in Europe, the coming weekend will see another chance in North America for potential Player of the Year candidates to close the gap, this time at the Limited Grand Prix in Philadelphia. Join us next week to see the latest shakeup in the Magic Top 25 Pro Rankings.

Rank Name Points Change Previous
1 Jeremy Dezani 69.97 1
2 Reid Duke 59.42 2
3 Owen Turtenwald 58.39 3
4 Ben Stark 55.74 4
5 Samuel Black 53.03 5
6 Shahar Shenhar 51.68 6
7 Tom Martell 51.29 7
8 Yuuya Watanabe 50.77 8
9 Shuhei Nakamura 48.93 9
10 Josh Utter-Leyton 47.87 10
11 Alexander Hayne 46.52 11
12 Stanislav Cifka 45.68 12
13 Jacob Wilson 45.52 +1 14
14 Willy Edel 45.42 -1 13
15 Shi Tian Lee 44.35 15
16 Josh Mcclain 43.84 16
17 Makihito Mihara 43.39 17
18 Paul Rietzl 41.77 18
19 Shaun Mclaren 40.77 19
19 Eric Froehlich 40.77 +4 23
21 Chris Fennell 38.74 -1 20
22 Martin Juza 38.42 -1 21
23 Raphael Levy 38.29 -1 22
24 David Ochoa 37.42 NR
25 Kentaro Yamamoto 37.29 25
25 William Jensen 37.29 25

Dropped from rankings: Matej Zatlkaj

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