Top 25 Rankings: January 16, 2014

Posted in Making Magic on January 16, 2014

By Wizards of the Coast

Grand Prix Prague got 2014 rolling, and there was a significant shake-up in the Magic Top 25 Pro Rankings—a shake-up that looked extremely unlikely halfway through Day One of the Grand Prix.

The man at the center of the action was Pro Tour Theros champion Jérémy Dezani of France. As the fates decreed, he started his campaign with a finals rematch from Dublin against teammate Pierre Dagen. Dezani lost that one, and two rounds later found himself with two losses, staring down imminent elimination from the tournament. He fought back, climbing to 6–2, before facing another Pro Tour champion, Italy's Samuele Estratti, with the winner making Day Two, and the loser going home.

Arguably, there's nobody in world Magic who is more dangerous than Dezani when given a tournament lifeline. Having defeated Estratti to advance, he wasted no time in making his continued participation count. On and on he went, grinding his way up the leaderboard—118th, 78th, 58th, 31st, 22nd, 9th. In the final round, he was once again behind, but Michael Filler of Germany wasn't going to stop Dezani from reaching a sixth Grand Prix Top 8.

Although Dezani couldn't advance past the quarterfinals, falling to Carlos Moral of Spain, his epic nine-match streak sees him overtake Willy Edel, Yuuya Watanabe, Shuhei Nakamura, and Sam Black, taking him to No. 5 in our Top 25. More modest gains were made by Martin Juza (up one to No. 14) and Raphael Levy (up one to No. 19).

Next up is Grand Prix Sacramento, where the sunshine state plays host to Theros Limited and many of the leading contenders. Join us next week for the latest news from the Magic Top 25 Pro Rankings.

Rank Name Points Change Previous
1 Ben Stark 67.14 1
2 Josh Utter-Leyton 64.31 2
3 Reid Duke 62.54 3
4 Shahar Shenhar 61.05 4
5 Jeremy Dezani 59.78 +4 9
6 Samuel Black 58.87 -1 5
7 Shuhei Nakamura 57.57 -1 6
8 Yuuya Watanabe 56.18 -1 7
9 Willy Edel 55.54 -1 8
10 Stanislav Cifka 54.05 10
11 Owen Turtenwald 51.50 11
11 Makihito Mihara 51.50 11
13 Tom Martell 50.20 13
14 Martin Juza 47.54 +1 15
15 Eric Froehlich 46.18 -1 14
16 David Ochoa 42.54 16
17 Paul Rietzl 42.36 17
18 Alexander Hayne 41.85 18
19 Raphael Levy 40.38 +1 20
20 Brian Kibler 39.57 -1 19
21 Craig Wescoe 38.97 21
22 Ari Lax 38.38 22
23 Shota Yasooka 38.36 23
24 David Sharfman 36.38 24
25 Christian Calcano 35.36 25

Dropped from rankings: None

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