Top 25 Rankings: May 29, 2014

Posted in Making Magic on May 29, 2014

By Wizards of the Coast

It's rankings time once again here at, and it was Grand Prix Atlanta's turn to add a twist to our Top 25 standings. Outside of a Pro Tour, Reid Duke and Jérémy Dezani have mostly plied their trade on opposite sides of the Atlantic, but both stayed in town after Pro Tour Journey into Nyx in search of additional Pro Points. Duke was out early, and, although Dezani earned himself $250, that wasn't enough to generate points in his bid to reclaim the No. 1 spot.

The next four slots remain unaltered as well, with Stanislav Cifka closely followed by Josh Utter-Leyton, Owen Turtenwald, and Tom Martell. Next comes our big mover of the week, Pro Tour Born of the Gods Champion Shaun McLaren, up five to No. 7, thanks to his Top 8 finish at the Grand Prix. Also benefitting from Top 8 finishes were Chris Fennell (up three to No. 15) and William Jensen (up four to No. 20). Other climbers this week were Yuuya Watanabe at No. 12 and Raphaël Lévy, now inside the Top 20 at No. 19.

It was a truly star-studded field at the GP, resulting in some mouth-watering matchups. In a three-round Day Two stretch, former Player of the Year Owen Turtenwald eliminated Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa, Ben Stark, and Luis Scott-Vargas—Hall of Famers all. The Top 8 featured a mammoth fifty-six Grand Prix Top 8s between them, and only a heroic victory by Charley Murdock in the last round against Shuhei Nakamura prevented that total being more than eighty!

Now we cross the Atlantic once more for the Block Constructed Grand Prix in Manchester, England. How will the metagame have shifted in the two weeks since the Pro Tour? Can Jérémy Dezani, back on his home continent, regain the lead he lost to Reid Duke? Join us next week to find out.

Rank Name Points Change Previous
1 Reid Duke 75.11 1
2 Jeremy Dezani 68.65 2
3 Stanislav Cifka 58.20 3
4 Josh Utter-Leyton 57.56 4
5 Owen Turtenwald 56.71 5
6 Tom Martell 55.58 6
7 Shaun Mclaren 52.29 +5 12
8 Samuel Black 51.44 -1 7
9 Paul Rietzl 51.34 -1 8
10 Patrick Chapin 50.87 -1 9
11 Ben Stark 49.99 -1 10
12 Yuuya Watanabe 49.38 +2 14
13 Shahar Shenhar 48.20 -2 11
14 Alexander Hayne 47.24 -1 13
15 Chris Fennell 46.95 +3 18
16 Eric Froehlich 46.38 16
17 Shi Tian Lee 46.32 -2 15
18 Josh Mcclain 45.08 -1 17
19 Raphael Levy 43.53 +3 22
20 William Jensen 43.49 +5 25
21 Shuhei Nakamura 43.30 -2 19
22 Jacob Wilson 43.24 -1 21
23 Willy Edel 43.11 -3 20
24 Jared Boettcher 42.69 -1 23
25 Kentaro Yamamoto 42.49 -1 24

Dropped from rankings: None

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