Top 25 Rankings: November 21, 2013

Posted in Making Magic on November 21, 2013

By Wizards of the Coast

Last week, we told you that Grand Prix Washington DC could be a big deal for this week's Magic Top 25 Pro Rankings. It turns out we were right in a big way, with twelve ranked players in attendance, five navigating to Day Two, and three going all the way to the Top 8.

The biggest story of the weekend was Owen Turtenwald. Starting the week ranked No. 22, Turtenwald monstered his way past all opposition, including a stacked Top 8, to claim his first Grand Prix title. A player who tends to hide his emotions, Turtenwald was clearly overwhelmed by his success, coming after a career list littered with Grand Prix Top 8s but without an elusive title until this weekend. He now stands at No. 16 in the rankings.

Although that was the biggest move on the table this week, it might not be the most significant. Sam Black is rapidly becoming a major story in this still-young Pro season, and the prolific deck builder is getting tougher and tougher to beat. This time, he made it to the semifinals before falling to Turtenwald. His reward is another two steps up the ranking ladder to No. 8, and it would be foolish to bet against him heading much higher, and soon.

The third ranked player to reach the Top 8 in Washington was Pro Tour Dragon's Maze champion Craig Wescoe, who unsurprisingly played the white weenie deck Death and Taxes, and was unsurprisingly good with it. Also moving up the rankings is Christian Calcano, who managed to squeak into 32nd place in Washington, good enough for 2 Pro Points and a chance to put some breathing room between him and the bottom of our Top 25. Lee Shi Tian of Hong Kong now sits over that particular trap door, perilously close to being the next to fall out of the rankings list.

Next up, it's Grand Prix Albuquerque and Grand Prix Kyoto, where more of the best in the game will be battling for glory, Pro points, and the coveted Top 25 Pro Rankings. See you next time.

Rank Name Points Change Previous
1 Ben Stark 70.76 1
2 Josh Utter-Leyton 69.66 2
3 Reid Duke 68.19 3
4 Shahar Shenhar 66.80 4
5 Shuhei Nakamura 63.42 5
6 Yuuya Watanabe 63.23 6
7 Willy Edel 61.19 7
8 Samuel Black 58.66 +2 10
9 Stanislav Cifka 56.80 -1 8
10 Tom Martell 54.47 -1 9
11 Jeremy Dezani 53.71 11
12 Makihito Mihara 51.71 12
13 Eric Froehlich 51.23 13
14 Martin Juza 51.19 14
15 David Ochoa 48.19 15
16 Owen Turtenwald 46.71 +6 22
17 Brian Kibler 45.42 -1 16
18 Raphael Levy 44.28 -1 17
19 Craig Wescoe 43.85 +1 20
20 Paul Rietzl 42.04 -2 18
21 David Sharfman 40.28 -2 19
22 Luis Scott-Vargas 39.09 -1 21
23 Christian Calcano 39.04 +2 25
24 Jon Stern 37.90 -1 23
25 Shi Tian Lee 37.23 -1 24

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