You Make the Card 4 – Top 2

Posted in Making Magic on May 22, 2013

By Ethan Fleischer

Ethan Fleischer works for Magic R&D as a designer. He can sing, but not dance, and is an indifferent fencer. He lives near Seattle with his wife, three sons, and mother-in-law.

Welcome back to You Make the Card, the series where YOU, the players of Magic: TheGathering, work together to design a Magic card, to appear in an upcoming set. Earlier this week, we voted on the Top 4 rules text submissions. Today, it's down to the last two! Which one will win?

Consuming Contract vs. Blood in the Watering Can
Consuming Contract 15504 28.5%
Blood in the Watering Can 38977 71.5%
Total 54481 100.0%
Revenge of Necromancy vs. Demonic Bargain
Revenge of Necromancy 46823 83.5%
Demonic Bargain 9188 16.4%
Total 56011 100.0%

Choose the line of rules text that you would prefer to see on a Magic card in the future. The poll is open for 24 hours (closing Wednesday, May 23, at 9 p.m. Pacific), so don't wait!

Blood in the Watering Can vs. Revenge of Necromancy Blood in the Watering CanRevenge of Necromancy

Join me in two days when we make the final rules text selection!

YMTC Vote #4: Top 2 Thanks all of you who voted! The polls are closed and we are tabulating the final results. Come back Monday for the next step in You Make The Card 4! 

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