You Make the Card 4 – Top 4

Posted in Making Magic on May 20, 2013

By Ethan Fleischer

Ethan Fleischer works for Magic R&D as a designer. He can sing, but not dance, and is an indifferent fencer. He lives near Seattle with his wife, three sons, and mother-in-law.

Welcome back to You Make the Card, the series where YOU, the readers of, work together to create an actual Magic card, to appear in a future Magic set. Last week, we voted on the Top 8 rules text submissions. We'll get to the results shortly.

Consuming Contract vs.
Double Down
Consuming Contract 32310 61.5%
Double Down 20204 38.5%
Total 52514 100.0%
Blood in the Watering Can vs.
Mass Mummification
Blood in the Watering Can 25600 50.2%
Mass Mummification 25411 49.8%
Total 51011 100.0%
Soulfeaster's Rising vs.
Revenge of Necromancy
Soulfeaster's Rising 14034 27.3%
Revenge of Necromancy 37305 72.7%
Total 51339 100.0%
Eldritch Rites vs.
Demonic Bargain
Eldritch Rites 26941 61.5%
Demonic Bargain 16853 38.5%
Total 43794 100.0%

So, I come to you with good news and bad news. Which would you like to hear first? What's that? The good news? You sure? Okay.

The good news is, we've heard your feedback and are making a change. A lot of you wrote to us asking why people outside of the United States and Canada couldn't submit rules mechanics. So we went to work to change the terms for future calls for submissions. The next time we have a call for submissions, which should be for the final card name, it will be open to adults of all the nations of the world. Even astronauts on the International Space Station are welcome to participate.

The bad news is, the creator of one of the Top 8 rules text submissions violated the terms of the process and the submission had to be disqualified. "Eldritch Rites" has been disqualified and "Demonic Bargain" will advance to the next round.

So now we have our Top 4 designs! This round works the same as the last one, so vote for your favorite in each pair of cards. We should have the final vote THIS WEEK, on Wednesday, May 22. Don't wait until Monday to vote in the finals, because it will be TOO LATE by then!


*This ability originally read "Cast a spell without paying its mana cost." That was judged to be too powerful compared to the others. If this design wins, we'll have a further vote to decide what ability will go in this blank space.

Consuming Contract vs. Blood in the Watering Can Consuming ContractBlood in the Watering Can
Revenge of Necromancy vs. Demonic Bargain Revenge of NecromancyDemonic Bargain

Join me in two days when we make the final rules text selection!

YMTC Vote #4: Top 4 Thanks all of you who voted! The polls are closed and we are tabulating the final results. Come back Monday for the next step in You Make The Card 4! 

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