You Make the Card 4: Aura or Not

Posted in Making Magic on April 8, 2013

By Ethan Fleischer

Ethan Fleischer works for Magic R&D as a designer. He can sing, but not dance, and is an indifferent fencer. He lives near Seattle with his wife, three sons, and mother-in-law.

Welcome back to You Make the Card, where you, the Magic-playing public, get to be part of a giant design team, led by yours truly. Our mission: to design a really cool Magic card. Last week, we decided that our enchantment should be a black card. This week, we need to make an important decision about how our card will work.

The results of the last vote are in. Black is the winner!

Poll #3 Card Color
Black 18552 31.1%
Red 16105 27.0%
Green 9299 15.6%
Blue 8052 13.5%
White 7648 12.8%
Total 59656 100.0%

We have two general types of enchantments, Auras and what we've nicknamed "global enchantment." Technically these are called "non-Aura enchantments" in the Magic rulebook, but that's a pretty ugly string of words, in my opinion, so we'll use the phrase "global enchantments" for the purposes of this article.

Global enchantments tend to have an ability that affects the whole game, changing the rules while they're on the battlefield. They can be potent combo engines, oppressive disruptive elements, or ways to improve your whole army of creatures.

Auras are more localized in their effects. These enchantments attach to things, usually other permanents, but sometimes to other things such as players. They stick around and provide a bonus or penalty to the thing they're enchanting.

YMTC Vote #4: Aura or Global? Global enchantmentAura


The poll closes on Thursday night at midnight.

YMTC Vote #4: Aura or Global? Thanks all of you who voted! The polls are closed and we are tabulating the final results. Come back Monday for the next step in You Make The Card 4!

This will be the last vote before we call for rules text submissions, so get out the vote!

You can discuss You Make the Card on the forum of your choice, by clicking on the links to our forum and email below, or on Twitter via hashtag #ymtc.

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