The Martyr’s Talisman

Posted in Arcana on August 28, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

All of the Coldsnap Martyrs were concepted as spellcasters blowing dust from their palms into magical energy. The transforming dust represents the card’s activated ability going off, giving a visual cue to the similarities of the mechanical cycle. Each Martyr was illustrated by a different artist: Martyr of Sands, Martyr of Frost, Martyr of Ashes, Martyr of Bones, and Martyr of Spores.

Martyr of Frost
Martyr of Ashes

Dan Scott chose to hide a little Easter egg in his finished art of Martyr of Spores. It’s a subtle reference to Coldsnap’s inclusion in Ice Age block. Can you find it?

Martyr of Spores art by Dan Scott

The shaman in the picture is wearing a Malachite Talisman, an Ice Age artifact that triggers on green spells, around her neck.

Malachite Talisman

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