Match Clock

Posted in NEWS on January 1, 2019

By Wizards Staff

Traditional (Best-of-Three) Events feature Match Clocks, and this is how they work!

Each player will have 30 minutes on their respective match clock that will count down whenever that player has priority, for a total of 60 minutes per match between the two players (excluding sideboarding, which does not use the match clock).

If a player uses all of their allotted time before the match finishes, they will be given a match loss regardless of their current win/loss record. Players will be able to mouse over their timers to see the current time remaining on their match clock, and it will automatically become visible once their match time starts to run low.

We've always said that MTG Arena would provide an authentic digital Magic experience. We felt that adding a match clock was one of the things that was needed if we wanted to continue to provide an authentic experience when compared to our tabletop counterparts.