Posted in NEWS on June 29, 2014

By Adam Styborski

Stybs has played Magic the world over, writing and drafting as part of the event coverage team and slinging Commander everywhere his decks will fit.

Allen Sun had traveled to Grand Prix D.C. for one reason: To play Theros Block Sealed Deck.

Allen Sun came as a VIP but left with much more than he bargained for.

"I love Sealed Deck. Sealed is my wheelhouse and I had to two byes so I registered as a VIP." Sun said. While a few extra creature comforts were what he signed up for, there was a bonus he wasn't expecting. From among those who registered as VIP as well as from among everyone who came to the Grand Prix – whether they played in an event or not – eight were selected to attend a dinner to meet the artists that had come for the weekend.

Lars Grant-West was one of four artists players could visit to sign cards and buy Magic art.

Meeting one of the creative creators in the game was a delight for Sun. "I love the art. I don't follow the artists as much since they're so many, but that's one of the appeals of Magic: The art. I'm not an artist myself; I wish I was!"

Sun gushed about this experience at the dinner. "I was able to talk to Lars Grant-West." Sun said. Grant-West is known for many cards, including Glimmervoid, Doomed Traveler, Engineered Explosives in Modern Masters, and Read the Bones. "It was a great experience, and he was telling us interesting stories. We asked how about his process for getting to make art for Magic cards. His thing is creature animals and landscapes which he ends up doing a lot. He also said he used to follow the same dimension of Magic cards but his wife suggested doing it larger so some of the art gets cropped, but it's great for book covers and other printings. He also said he gets to travel for some events and was able to go to Bangkok, which I found really interesting."

Sun's font of newfound knowledge was clear. The only remaining question was the obvious one: Would he want to do it all again? "Yeah definitely. It was a great experience. Getting to interact with the staff, artists, and other players was really cool. It closed at 10 PM and we all stayed right to the very end."

Tom Shea added the event to the weekend as Tournament Organizer for Grand Prix Washington D.C. it looking forward to running it again in a few weeks at Grand Prix Boston-Worcester. "I want to make a bigger spectacle of it." Shea said. "Everyone should know they can just show up at the Grand Prix and enter for an experience like this. It's something that can only happen at a Grand Prix."