Posted in NEWS on March 1, 2014

By Chapman Sim

Running a large event like Grand Prix Melbourne while upholding a great player experience is no easy task. Thankfully, with the a team of dedicated judges led by Level 4 Head Judge Christopher Richter from the United States, you can be sure you will be in safe hands.

Let's take a moment to thank the team who is behind Grand Prix Melbourne, working tirelessly around the clock to make this weekend the most awesome one it can possibly be!

Grand Prix Melbourne Judges
Level 3 Judges

John Alderfer, Wearn Chong Aaron Hamer, Fabian Peck, Nathan Brewer

Level 2 Judges

Sashi Kumar Balakrishnan, James Dowling, Jason Doan, Jonathon East, Simon Freiberg, Sang-Mook Ha, William Janssen, Danesh Jogia, Woosuk Lee, Yong Ming Lim, Morgan Meehan-Lam, Eric Papaluca, Matthew Miles-Watson, Harley Morphett, Chin Kai Ong, James Passfield, Alan Peng, Gareth Pye, Sean Roffey, Mackenzie Stratford, John Tong, Jonathan Trevarthen, QJ Wong, Chris Worrell, Dennis Xiao, Yu Win Yew, David Alston

Level 1 Judges

Robert Kern, Kwok Siang Neo, Liam Prasad