Posted in NEWS on June 14, 2014

By Olle Rade

In the 532-headed crowd here at Grand Prix Moscow the variety of decks is surprisingly small. Although we haven't looked through all the deck lists. One deck does stand out as a favorite among both player and judges – Black Devotion. Either mono Black or with a small touch of Green. - It's such an easy deck list to count the cards on, explains Swedish judge Tobias Fjellander, who has counted quite an number today, making sure everyone have gotten their 60 cards in printing.

Since it would be hard to analyze the statistics of all the players, even with the mathematical skills of Frank Karsten, we won't be able to give a complete metagame breakdown. What we can tell you is what some of the most notable players are piloting. Well, not individually, but as a group. Here are the select group of 17 people whose deck lists we took a peak at this morning:

Lee Shi Tian, Patrick Dickmann, Marijn Lybaert, Antonino de Rosa, Marco Cammilluzzi, Chapman Sim, Daniel Fior, Tomoharu Saito, Trey van Cleave, Alessandro Portaro, Dmitriy Butakov, Mike Krasnitski, Alexander Privalov, Anatoly Chihwichov, Alexey Antonenko, Mikhail Stroev and Roman Masaladzhiu.

Here's the archetype breakdown of what this group of both Russian and international stars are playing:

7 Black Devotion variants

3 Blue White Control

2 Esper (Blue/White/Black) Control

2 Jund Monsters

1 Mono Blue Devotion

1 Boros Burn

1 Bant (Blue/White/Green) Control