Posted in NEWS on March 2, 2014

By Chapman Sim

Players are shuffling up for Day Two and I took the liberty of taking a walk through the top tables to get a bird's eye view of the top half of the field.




Deck No. of Players %
Esper Control 11 17.1875
RG Monsters 9 14.0625
Orzhov Control 7 10.9375
Mono-Black Devotion 6 9.375
Blue-White Devotion 6 9.375
Azorius Control 5 7.8125
Boros Burn 4 6.25
WG Aggro 3 4.6875
BR Aggro 3 4.6875
Mono-Blue Devotion 3 4.6875
Others 7 10.9375
Total 64 100







It is evident that Esper Control remains the most popular deck today, the only deck in the format that is able to support hand disruption, card advantage, countermagic and a removal suite (complete with quality spot removal and board sweepers). Talk about being greedy! Some players who love their Sphinx's Revelations as much as their stable manabases have opted to eschew Thoughtseize and Doom Blade, opting for a more consistent Azorius Control build.







25% of the top half of the field love their Sphinx's Revelations !








Black Control decks continue to dominate and it is a close call whether or not white should be splashed to support game-enders like Blood Baron of Vizkopa and Obzedat Ghost Council. Regardless of their choice, expect to be on the receiving end of a pack of Pack Rats at the very least.







Teaming up for free wins since October 2013.





Blue Devotion decks are also seen to be evolving to support white mana and Thassa, God of the Sea is now being played alongside newfound friend Ephara, God of the Polis. It seems like the introduction of Temple of Enlightenment is also a considerable push factor that nudged Mono-Blue Devotion players towards Blue-White.







Best Friends Forever!



Rounding off the rest of the field include less conventional decks like Selesnya Aggro and Rakdos Aggro and rogue brews like BG "Dredge" and Kiora Control!