A Mexican Magic Tale

Posted in NEWS on September 13, 2015

By Oliver Gehrmann

Yesterday, during Round 7, Guillermo Garcia Arcega from Puebla, Mexico, approached us to tell us his story. We liked it so much, we decided to write it up and also share it with the rest of the Magic community here.

The private math tutor told us that more than 20 years ago, he was an avid fan of Magic. He never forgot about it, although he had only been playing for roughly a year back then because his parents weren't too happy with him spending so much time on it. At one point, he had to promise them to stop playing for a "long time" and he kept his promise. In fact, he didn't play until a few months ago.

That's when one of his friends approached him and asked him whether he still remembered the game. "Of course!" he immediately replied, adding that he still had a couple of cards from back in the days put away somewhere. His friend explained to him that the game had changed a lot over all these years; that it now had a huge player base all over the world and that you could enroll in giant tournaments. Garcia Arcega had trouble believing this, so he went to a local game store to ask for a second opinion.

Guillermo Garcia Arcega (pictured right) with the friend who got him back into Magic.

The owner backed up his friend's claim, but Garcia Arcega was still not convinced yet. There, he also heard for the second time that he definitely should have another look and try to find his old cards.

After an internet search, the math tutor was finally convinced. He went through his old room and found a number of cards as well as several unopened boxes, mostly of the Revised edition. The math tutor did the math and realized he owned a veritable treasure. After some research he was able to trade several of his boxes for a ten-day vacation in Spain which culminated in him attending the Grand Prix here this weekend!

"Back when I put the cards away, I had a dream. I dreamt that I would one day have a very powerful deck. Turns out that many of the cards I own—I basically have a playset of Revised cards—are really good and I now have an awesome Vintage deck. So the dream did come true, even if it took twenty years!"

He told us that, as someone who had made it his mission to help children understand math, this was like a true godsend. He could use this story as an example to help the children make sense of numbers. Additionally, he could also show them that it's important to hold on to your dreams and stick with what you love, even if you sometimes might not receive immediate support from your family and friends. And that in some cases, you merely need to be really, really patient for your dreams to come true ...