Mouthfuls II

Posted in Arcana on July 24, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

When card names are created, "sounding cool" is very important. But since the game is designed in English, all the names are made to "sound cool" in English. When they get translated into other languages, things might get a little messy. (How do you translate "Endbringer" or "Forcemage" anyway?) This Arcana looks at some of those cards with titles that spiraled out of control when they were translated.

The first is the Spanish Order of the Sacred Torch. The name of this card--including spaces--is so long that it actually overlaps the mana cost!

To avoid any more overlaps, cards with super-long names were later typeset using a different font--either the normal font compressed, or an actual smaller point size. Here are some examples: French Prophecy Endbringer's Revel, Spanish Tempest Heartwood Treefolk, Spanish Portal Second Age Return of the Nightstalkers and Nightstalker Engine, and Italian Planeshift Planeswalker's Mischief.

Special thanks to Mark Purvis for providing these card scans.

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