Sorin Markov

Posted in Feature on September 14, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Sorin Markov is a vampire and a master of sangromancy, a dark corner of black mana specialization. With this blood magic he can drain the lifeforce of other beings, place curses on enemies, and even possess the minds of others.

With the exception of the elder dragon Nicol Bolas, the vampire Sorin Markov is older than all other planeswalkers described here—older than all of them combined. His multiple millennia have brought him detachment and easy confidence. Unlike Bolas, Sorin doesn't concern himself with gathering power or control. He is content to follow his whims, even when those whims are cruel or deadly.

Sorin is well traveled and well heeled. Having seen hundreds of planes over thousands of years, he has become a sort of bon vivant, seeking novelty and new diversions. But despite his fundamentally hedonistic nature, Sorin does feel the pull of more lasting concerns, and over his long life this tendency has resulted in an arcane schedule of engagements and forays to far-flung planes. As a result Sorin is a busy man, planeswalking frequently to pursue concerns known only to him. Sorin always seems to have business elsewhere.

One such commitment involves the plane of Zendikar. Long ago Sorin cooperated with two other planeswalkers to complete a ritual that would alter Zendikar forever. The three agreed that if the results of their ritual were ever to be disturbed, all three would return to Zendikar. And although Sorin has held up his end of the agreement, he now finds himself alone on the plane with no sign of his former cohorts. For now he must keep the nature of their work to himself, lest he endanger himself and the plane even more.

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