Important Announcement: Changes to MTGO PTQ and MOCS schedules

Posted in Magic Online on March 11, 2014

By Worth Wollpert

Update 05/28/2014: Worth Wollpert has a new article on the status of PTQs and MOCS play, with additional information on Magic Online MOCS Appreciation Events.

Hello everyone,

In February we announced an aggressive plan to restart PTQ's on Magic Online. While we have made forward progress, our high standard of fidelity needed to run them has not yet been reached. Therefore, we are canceling the Magic Online M15 PTQ season, as well as making an adjustment to the Magic Online Championship Series (MOCS) program that will push all season prelims and finals events to a later date (prizes and such for those events will remain the same, and QPs will continue to be awarded as normal).

The momentum is positive, driven by Wizards of the Coast's commitment to deliver the best quality play experiences possible for you. The steps that we've taken to increase resources and improve processes within the Magic Online group have begun to bear fruit in the form of quicker bug fixes, higher quality cardset releases and faster responses to issues in general. We will continue to work relentlessly on our new event management tools, internal event manager training, game support and ORC training, and event management protocols so we can return these events as soon as possible. Look for some zero-ticket "test" events in the coming months as we put all these things through their paces.

By the end of April we will post an update on our progress on when PTQ's and MOCS prelims and finals might return to Magic Online. We remain committed to return these events to you all as soon as possible and appreciate your continued patience. We have created a dedicated email inbox for players to send their feedback on this issue - Additionally, we have created a thread for the issue here. Specific questions about your MTGO account should be sent to our Game Support team. We value your input and appreciate your continued patience as we work to get Magic Online to deliver quality play experiences.

The FAQ for this announcement can be found here.

Worth Wollpert
Executive Producer – Magic Online
Wizards of the Coast

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