Introducing Vintage Masters!

Posted in Magic Online on December 8, 2013

We are extremely excited to announce the forthcoming Magic Online-only set, Vintage Masters. We want to share with you what Vintage Masters is and the goals of the set, when it will be released, and what you'll find in the set. We think you'll be equally excited!

Set Name Vintage Masters
Prerelease Events June 13-16, 2014
Magic Online Release Date June 16, 2014
What Are the Goals of Vintage Masters?

We know that the Vintage format for Magic Online demands to be done the right way. With Vintage Masters, we are striving to make available on Magic Online every relevant Magic card in existence for the Vintage format.

Before Vintage Masters, many players will have never had the experience of playing a match of Vintage Magic. Vintage Masters will contain a number of older Magic cards, many of which are crucial to the Vintage format. This includes the nine cornerstone cards called the Power Nine. These nine cards are perhaps the most famous in Magic's history, cards like Black Lotus and Time Walk. If you've never owned a piece of the Power Nine, you're not alone, but with the release of Vintage Masters, Magic Online players will have the chance to possess the power!

The Vintage format allows the use of all Magic sets. There are banned and restricted cards in Vintage, though there are very few banned cards. Restricted cards are those that are limited to one in a deck, rather than the usual limit of four per deck. For more information, you can read about the Vintage format, Vintage format deck construction and the current Vintage banned & restricted list.

We want Vintage Masters to provide a fun Limited environment like the one that Modern Masters had, so we're working hard to make sure it succeeds there as well. On Magic Online we are excited to offer a full selection of Sealed and Draft play with Vintage Masters starting off with Prerelease Events on June 13, 2014.

Vintage Masters will give Magic Online players a chance to own and enjoy many of the amazing and storied cards in Magic. This Magic Online-only card set is one we've been driving internally for some time. Anything called Vintage Masters demands quality, so we are investing the effort and taking the time necessary to produce an experience that lives up to its name.

What's in Vintage Masters and When Will It Be Released?

Prerelease events for Vintage Masters will begin June 13, 2014, with the set going on sale on June 16. To coincide with the initial availability of cards for the format, Vintage will be introduced to Magic Online on June 11. Ongoing, we will support Vintage Masters with a full suite of Magic Online events.

Vintage Masters is a set that will be similar in size to Modern Masters, available only in Magic Online. Vintage Masters will be a non-redeemable set available only in Magic Online in 15-card booster packs. Vintage Masters booster packs will retail for the MSRP of $6.99, and each pack will contain the following:

  • 10 commons
  • 3 uncommons
  • 1 rare or mythic rare
  • 1 premium foil card (any rarity, including the extremely rare premium foil Power Nine card), OR 1 Power Nine card

There will be premium foil versions of all cards in the Vintage Masters set, including the Power Nine!

We will be revealing more specifics about Vintage Masters, including set size and distribution of Power Nine cards as we get closer to the release date.

Vintage Masters will introduce fresh new artwork for several other classic cards you'll find in the set as well.

How Come Vintage Masters Is Being Released in 2014?

When we first began developing the idea of Vintage Masters, our hope was to release it in the same year as Magic's 20th anniversary. After the success and popularity of Modern Masters, we agreed the bar was set for quality, and we wanted to not just clear the bar, but raise it again.

To release Vintage Masters—and do it right—we realized there just wasn't enough time in 2013 like we had originally planned. The June 16, 2014, release date for Vintage Masters reflects the balance between wanting to get the right product out to players, and the desire to deliver a seriously awesome set and play experience that lives up to the name, Vintage Masters.

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