Magic Online Announcements July 8, 2014

Posted in Magic Online on July 8, 2014

By David Whitfield

David works on the Magic community team as a content specialist. He spends his days writing about Magic Online and trying to play too many colors at once in Limited.
Upcoming Events
June 8-July 20
9:00 a.m. Pacific (15:00 UTC)
MOCS Appreciation Events
  • Format:
  • Swiss Sealed with Top 8
July 2-July 8
Events run on the schedule found here.
Magic Online Anniversary Event Qualifiers 7/2-7/8
  • Daily Formats
  • 7/2: Innistrad and Dark Ascension
  • 7/3: Scars of Mirrodin
  • 7/4: Rize of the Eldrazi
  • 7/5: Zendikar and Worldwake
  • 7/6: Shards of Alara, Conflux, and Alara Reborn
  • 7/7: Shadowmoor and Eventide
  • 7/8: Lorwyn and Morningtide
July 9-July 15
Events run on the schedule found here.
Magic Online Anniversary Event Qualifiers 7/9-7/15
  • Daily Formats
  • 7/9: Time Spiral, Planar Chaos, and Future Sight
  • 7/10: Ravnica, Guildpact, and Dissension
  • 7/11: Champions of Kamigawa, Betrayers of Kamigawa, and Saviors of Kamigawa
  • 7/12: Mirrodin, Darksteel, and Fifth Dawn
  • 7/13: Onslaught, Legions, and Scourge
  • 7/14: Odyssey, Torment, and Judgment
  • 7/15: Invasion, Planeshift, and Apocalypse
July 19
8:00 a.m. Pacific (15:00 UTC)
Magic Online Anniversary Event Finals
July 16-July 25
Magic Online Holiday Cube (in July!)
  • Paired Format:
  • Modern Masters
July 25-July 28
10:00 a.m. Pacific (17:00 GMT)
10:00 a.m. Pacific (17:00 GMT)
Magic 2015 Core Set Prerelease Events
July 28-August 13
10:00 a.m. Pacific (17:00 GMT)
12:00 a.m. Pacific (19:00 GMT)
Magic 2015 Core Set Release Events
A new home for the Weekly Announcements Blog

Did you notice anything different about this week's Announcement Blog? That's right, we're on the new site now! Why make Magic Online players scour the internet to gather the latest Magic Online news? Starting today, you can find our weekly articles and blogs right here on

Our content schedule remains the same, so keep checking the site on Mondays for new articles and Tuesdays for Announcement Blogs!

Wide Beta Update

There is only a week left before the current version of Magic Online is disabled on July 16 and the Wide Beta becomes the only version available. As we prepare for release, we have another large update releasing tomorrow, July 9, that includes several requested features and as well as additional memory and stability fixes. Here are the highlights.

Trade continues to improve with another batch of updates, including adding a quantity indicator on cards that are both in your trade partner's binder and in your collection and some fixes for issues that could cause collection display issues after completed trades. When using the Search Tool to compare your Wish List or deck list to your partner's trade binder, a special filter will apply to show only the cards that are that list.

For game play, we've updated the player info box in the Duel Scene to be clearer, including a larger life total. We've also added a more robust confirmation process for dropping from events to prevent accidental withdraws from tournaments with entry requirements. Finally, we've fixed the converted mana cost sort so that it no longer adds new CMCs to the right of the existing piles.

Help has been updated to include a quick overview of many of the most common features of the new version of Magic Online. This basic help, along with our series of transition articles, will get you started on your adventure with the new client.

For more help, check out the existing tutorial videos.

Refer to the change log below for the full list of updates. For more information on the transition to the new client, be sure to check out Executive Producer for Magic Online Worth Wollpert's recent article.

Transition to New Client Article Series

Many of you have probably been guests in someone else's house before. It's a weird experience. You might say, "I've been looking for hours, it's dark out now, and I still can't find the light switch," shortly before tripping over a stool, or perhaps a small animal. You're not sure which it is; it's too dark. The new client is similar — nice, but disorienting until you figure out where everything is.

To help players get accustomed to some of the new features, and changes to existing features, we're running a series of articles that bring out the "fun" in "client fundamentals." Each day, one of our experts will walk players through a different aspect of the client. We hope the series provides players with some direction while they get to know their new client.

Head over to the series directory for the series schedule and links to published articles.

Vintage Masters Scheduled and Queue Events Retire Friday, July 25

Vintage Masters Scheduled and Queue Events will retire on July 25 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific. But, like the best vintage rock stars, Vintage Masters will return for the Vintage Masters Championship Qualifiers Wednesday, August 13 to Tuesday, August 26.

Extended Downtime on July 23

There will be an extended downtime on Wednesday, July 23, for Magic Online. Events close at 12:00 a.m. Pacific (07:00 UTC), midnight, and store activity and trades end at 2:45 a.m. Pacific (09:45 UTC) leading up to the system coming down at 3:00 a.m. Pacific (10:00 UTC).

Please plan ahead!

Downtime for July 9, 2014

  • All tournaments will close at 5:00 a.m. Pacific (12:00 UTC)
  • Store and trade activity will be suspended at approximately 7:45 a.m. Pacific (14:45 UTC)
  • The system will be down from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Pacific (15:00 to 19:00 UTC)

  • Concessions while Scrying no longer cause a crash.

Card Rules
  • The Magic Online client no longer hangs the game for a player who is attacking with a Floodtide Serpent.
  • Floodtide Serpent no longer receives +1/+1 counters from Ordeals' triggers even when the Ordeal is returned by Floodtide's ability.

Wid​e Beta

  • Updated: Removed Beta tag from client.
  • Updated: Magic Online User Agreement.
  • Web Link to new EULA.
  • Added: Magic Online Privacy Policy.
  • Web Link to new MTGO privacy policy.
  • Updated: Magic Online Payment Page.
  • Web link to payment page​.
  • Fixed: Several crashes around collection, tool tips, and joining games.
  • Fixed: Several memory issues around Chat and Trade.
  • Updated: Help tab, including Help, Report Bug, Report Player Conduct, Request Reimbursement, has been updated with more robust information.

Tra​​​​​​de and Collection
  • Fixed: One sided trades (cards for nothing in return, for example) now update collections and binders correctly.
  • Fixed: New trades no longer open behind the main Magic Online window when using a windowed display.
  • Fixed: Classified columns no longer resize to minimum width after a trade.
  • Fixed: Using Wish Lists with more than 400 valid matches now notify the player correctly that not all cards can be added to the trade.
  • Fixed: List view context menu now works correctly in trade.
  • Fixed: Issue with adding cards not in your collection to a deck that caused incorrect legality warnings.
  • Fixed: Issue that was creating empty Wish Lists.
  • Fixed: Issue that prevented context menu from adding multiple copies of a card to a trade after that trade had been initially submitted.
  • Fixed: Deck categories are now in the same order as other format displays.
  • Added: Players are always warned when they are about to open a booster pack or other sealed product.
  • Fixed: Players can now see all cards their trade partner has in their binder, including promo cards and reprinted cards.
  • Updated: When using a Wish List, your trade partner's binder will be filtered to match the Wish List.
  • Added: Quantity indicator on cards in your trade partner's binder that shows how many are in your collection.
  • Fixed: Adding cards to a deck sorted by converted mana cost now inserts cards with new costs in the appropriate locations.

P​lay Lobby, Duel Scene, and To​​urnaments
  • Updated: Player information box in the Duel Scene has been redesigned.
  • Added: New drop from event confirmation dialog.
  • Fixed: Card highlighting now works correctly, even if the card cannot be fully displayed in its window.
  • Fixed: Issue in Play Lobby and Challenges that prevented a player from selecting a deck if a format was selected first.

  • Updated: Adjusted default chat settings.
  • Updated: New chat alerts persist until they are dismissed.
  • Fixed: Chats docked to a visible window no longer send alerts.
  • Fixed: When using /away chat command, if a message is entered after /away it now displays correctly.

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