Magic Online Born of the Gods Championship Winners

Posted in Magic Online on May 1, 2014

By Clayton Kroh

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Congratulations to Mini_Gnarls and fukusin777, the new Born of the Gods champions! Mini_Gnarls took the title in Standard format, while fukusin777 claimed the Limited format crown.

Mini_Gnarls emerged from a field of these strong Top 8 competitors:

  • Mini_Gnarls
  • _Batutinha_
  • Pirigin
  • OneStepBehind
  • hockeybro26
  • __FAB__
  • HipHopHeup25
  • Vault2

The field was equally strong in the Limited category that fukusin777 triumphed over, with these Top 8 players vying for the win:

  • fukusin777
  • Esrin
  • GMANSokol
  • dreamxlord
  • Parasprite777
  • yohdla04
  • Dominaria_Javier
  • krumtheslow

Check out recaps of both events and the winning decks from Mini_Gnarls and fukusin777 below!

Standard Format Recap

Having a smart sideboard provided Mini_Gnarls access to potent threats in the control matchup.

Player Mini_Gnarls won the Standard event’s top spot playing a mono-red aggro deck. His final round opponent, Vault2, played an Esper control deck that proved to be just a step slower.

Standard Game One
Early in game one, Mini_Gnarls saw both a Firedrinker Satyr and a Rakdos Cackler take their Last Breath before they could deal any damage. This didn’t give Vault2 too much breathing room, though, as a second Cackler and back-to-back copies of Ash Zealot quickly reduced his life total to 8. Digging for an answer, Vault2 spent consecutive turns on casting Sphinx’s Revelation. Hoping to finally take control of the game, Vault2 then put his faith in the soldier-generating powers of Elspeth, Sun’s Champion. Seeing his opponent tap out to summon this powerful ally, Mini_Gnarls seized the opportunity and unleashed two Lightning Strikes targeting Vault2. This meant that next turn using Firefist Striker’s battalion trigger, Mini_Gnarls could easily take the game.

Standard Game Two
Game two got off to a similar start with Firedrinker Satyr drawing a Last Breath. However, Mini_Gnarls dropped in a Hammer of Purphoros and wasn’t shy at all about turning mountains into 3/3 threats for Vault2 to deal with. Smartly playing around Detention Sphere, Mini_Gnarls didn't over extend with Golems tokens. Vault2 was already at 8 life before he could successfully land his first creature of the match, which helpfully had lifelink, Blood Baron of Vizkopa. However, Mini_Gnarls had more than what was necessary to win the game on turn 6: Burning-Tree Emissary, Lightning Strike, and a sideboarded-in Skullcrack.

Mini_Gnarls - Winning Deck

Download Arena Decklist

Limited Format Recap

Limited Game One
Player fukusin777 won out in the Limited event with an evasive white/black deck. His opponent in the finals, Esrin, drafted a blue/green deck with a splash of red for Xenagos, God of Revels. Esrin started strong in game one with Sedge Scorpion, Satyr Wayfinder, and Divination. Fukusin777 then tried hard to race his opponent’s growing Pheres-Band Tromper with Heliod’s Emissary backed by Whip of Erebros. However, Esrin was ready with an Unravel the AEther to shuffle the whip back into their opponent’s library. From there Esrin was able to easily win the game on the back of his growing creature horde.

Limited Game Two
In the second game of the match, fukusin777 was the one with the strong start helping his Cavalry Pegasus successfully complete the Ordeal of Heliod by removing Esrin’s Vaporkin with an Eye Gouge. Things looked progressively darker for Esrin as the life total gap widened to 35-1 before he was able to stabilize behind creatures like the monstrous Nessian Asp and the life gain of Horizon Chimera. The life totals even closed to a much more reasonable 18-2 before fukusin777 was able to put the game away with several well timed activations of Scholar of Athreos.

Standard Final Game
In the final game of the match, fukusin777 seemed ready to take control again early with a Fleshmad Steed enchanted with Ordeal of Heliod. Though this time we saw Esrin’s Griptide used to solve the early big-creature problem. Undeterred, fukusin777 was able to get an airborne assault going courtesy of Ornitharch and Cavalry Pegasus. On turn 10, the fliers proved too much for Esrin to hold off, and he conceded, making Fukusin777 the Born of the Gods Limited Championship Winner!

Take a look at all all of the Top 8 draft decks from the Born of the Gods Limited Champion.

Fukusin777’s evasive creatures were the key to success in the finals.

fukusin777 - Winning Deck

Download Arena Decklist

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