Magic Online: Deck Builders Essentials

Posted in Magic Online on June 11, 2014

By Wizards of the Coast

Designed to complement the cards included with every new Magic Online account, the Deck Builder's Essentials adds over 230 additional common, uncommon, and basic land cards to your collection. Using cards drawn from recent Magic sets (Return to Ravnica, Gatecrash, Dragon's Maze, and Magic 2014), players can use the cards to build decks following existing themes, such as Detain or Evolve, or can experiment with their own unique ideas! Deck Builder's Essentials includes 2 Event Tickets, which can be used to enter most Magic Online Events.

Cards included in Deck Builder's Essentials are legal in most formats. Learn more about Magic Online formats here

This is a digital product for use with Magic: The Gathering Online game.

Are the contents of the Deck Builder's Essentials random?
No, they're the same each time.

How Many Commons and Uncommons are there in the Deck Builder's Essentials?
168 Commons, 52 Uncommons, for a total of 220 cards.

Where can you get a Deck Builder's Essentials?
This product is a Magic Online only product, and can be purchased in the Magic Online store for $4.99

Does the Deck Builder's Essentials include a pre-made decklist?
Nope, the Deck Builder is the emphasis of the item, it's to help you start making decks.

What are the exact contents of the Deck Builder's Essentials?
Click the kit you would like to see the contents of Essentials 2014

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