Mystery Art Descriptions #2

Posted in Arcana on December 13, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

A card's art description is an all-important bit of text that tells the artist how to illustrate the card. It's like a bridge between the mechanics of the card and the flavor of the setting—it expresses the creative concept behind the spell in visual terms.

Today we take a look at a few art descriptions of Lorwyn cards. But like last time, we're going to leave it up to you to figure out what cards they're for! Click the links at the bottom of the page if you're stumped.

Card A

Location: Dewy forest morning
Action: Show two crafty blue-aligned faeries chasing each other in a circle in the air. As they buzz about, magical energy swirls between them, creating a misty, spiraling cloud flecked with dew. The cloud looks like it has drawn sparkling vapor from the surrounding air.
Focus: The faeries
Mood: Playful, innocent, yet mystical

Card B

Location: In a small meadow
Action: In the foreground we see one or a few moonglove flowers, a white, foxglove-like flower with pale-blue pistils. We see wisps of pollen floating from these flowers. In the meadow behind the flowers, we see indications of boggart and kithkin battlers knocked unconscious by the effects of the pollen, lying peacefully.
Focus: the scene
Mood: They were fighting, and then in a flash, they were out cold.

Card C

Location: Any outdoor
Action: Show an awesome action shot of a giant with a majestic beard and fierce expression. He has just put his whole body into a mighty throw, hurling some large animal (perhaps a deer or horse) right past the "camera." We see the animal's flailing legs as it flies by. Show indications of other hapless animals about to become ammunition nearby -- perhaps we see that he already has a pig ready to go in his off hand, or has a leather leash system attached to a herd of sheep and/or boggarts.
Focus: The giant
Mood: Fierce, deadly

Card D

Location: An undergound river or aquifer
Action: A deep-swimming merfolk holds a waterproof 'lantern' that consists of a sealed glass container full of fireflies. This illuminates her way through the murky depths where almost no merfolk venture
Focus: the merfolk
Mood: merfolk aren't really capable of fear, so she should seem curious and alert

Card E

Location: Unimportant
Action: Show a warmly smiling, pitch-black-skinned flamekin who cradles a mote of brightly glowing orange light between his hands. The flamekin looks down at the mote with an almost maternal look.
Focus: the flamekin


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