Mystery Art Descriptions

Posted in Arcana on October 18, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

A card's art description is an all-important bit of text that tells the artist how to illustrate the card. It's like a bridge between the mechanics of the card and the flavor of the setting—it expresses the creative concept behind the spell in visual terms.

Today we take a look at a few art descriptions of Lorwyn cards. But we're going to leave it up to you to figure out what cards they're for! Click the links at the bottom of the page if you're stumped.

Card A

Location: Forest clearing, Lorwyn-style rocks/mountains off to the side
Action: Show a female flamekin whose fire is burning incandescently hot, such that the flame overwhelms even the body shape of the flamekin (though you can make out the face)...her flame is in full expression. The core of the flame is white, with an outer layer of yellow flame, and outermost layer of flame is red.
Focus: On the flaming flamekin.
Mood: Pure living flame.

Card B

Location: unimportant
Action: This counterspell must be channeled through a living creature to work. Show a merfolk wizard with a hand in front of his mouth, blowing as though blowing a kiss. The wizard's breath has become a helix of wispy blue stuff that makes a beeline for a nearby faerie. The faerie looks as though hit by ligtning as the 'breath' magic passes through him, transforming into a powerful, bright-blue beam of energy as it continues on.
Focus: the energy
Mood: directed magical force
Notes: The basic gist is that the merfolk wizard is using his faerie servant as a living conduit for the spell.

Card C

Location: Wrens' Run, a stretch of forest favored by the elves for hunting "interesting" prey
Action: Show an aristocratic elvish hunter who has finally cornered her prey: a flamekin warrior. The flamekin has nowhere left to run, even if he had the energy. It's time to fight.
Focus: the scene
Mood: I have you now.

Card D

Location: unimportant
Action: Closeup of a goblin who has committed the ultimate goblin crime -- keeping something new from his warren-mates. The goblin is clutching two cherished things (a gem and a pearly shell, for example) as though he can never show them to anyone. He has a wild, scared look in his eyes.
Focus: the goblin's avarice
Mood: Cherishing his treasures

Card E

Location: Underwater, near the bottom of a river
Action: Show two merfolk swimming near the pebbly bed of their river. They are arranging rounded, palm-sized stones on the riverbed, in patterns that stand out against the river floor. The patterns mark a perceptible "trail" along the riverbed (so that other merfolk can find their way along the branching Merrow Lanes).
Focus: The merfolk and their "trail"
Mood: The merfolk version of the army corps of engineers


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