Mystery Sealed: The Deck and the Player

Posted in NEWS on June 28, 2014

By Olle Rade

This morning, we posted the Sealed pool of a mystery player who is playing in this Grand Prix. You had a chance to dissect the Pool and build a deck of your own before this player did. Now, take a look at the deck he decided to sleeve up for today's nine grueling rounds of Theros Block Limited.

The Deck

Mystery Sealed Deck

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The Player? None other than Pro Tour Journey into Nyx top 8 competitor and tournament report rapper Jamie Parke. The New York resident turned out to be touring Europe with his newly retired father. Other than visiting the beautiful lakes of the area, he decided to stop by for a shot at a few extra Pro Points and the chance to kiss Theros Block farewell here in Milan.

Among the 50 or so Sealed Deck pools I have encountered the last few weeks on Magic Online and here in Milan Parke's turned out to be one of the more interesting. The first, and really only color he could rule out was Blue, which only had a few playable cards in total. But after that is was trickier. White had a good curve of creatures starting at casting cost two, along with two copies of the ever so powerful Hopeful Eidolon.

The agony of choice was apparent when it turned out the Pool also had good cards in both Black, Red and Green. Making for numerous color combinations, and it was clear as Parke took his time building the deck. "I figured I wanted to play White with the two Eidolons, but then I wanted the best creatures to go with them", he explained his reasoning.

First he lay out the White cards with Black. Especially liking the Abhorrent Overlord, that could seal games by itself, along with a good assortment of black creatures and removal like Sip of Hemlock and Nightmarish End.

Next up was Red/White. Complementing the White with fast aggressive creatures like Kragma Butcher and Bladetusk Boar and removal in the form of Starfall and Bolt of Keranos. Red also had a powerful rare in Prophetic Flamespeaker.

With barely ten minutes left to make up his mind, Parke finally laid out Green with the White. A pair of Golden Hind, several good large creatures and tricks like Feral Invocation and Aspect of Hydra being the deal breaker for adding Forests to his deck.

"Even in the end I had a very hard time deciding, and I could easily have spent another 30 minutes without being sure," he said after finally settling for Green to go with the White.

With time running out, and a judge even giving him a one-minute-warning. Parke scribbled down his deck list, making the last cuts, leaving cards like Excoriate, Nyxborn Shieldmate and Agent of Horizons on the sideline.

Going into the 6th round of the day, Jamie Parke sits at 4-1, losing only once with his Green/White deck, looking good to make the second day of competition. How will he do? Find out later as final standings are up, and who knows, maybe we'll even see him in the feature match area!