The Necromancer’s Pit

Posted in Arcana on July 26, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

Necromancy and card illustration—one's a dark art, and the other is raising the dead! Ha! Today we take a look at a creepy Ravnica Block art connection that you may not have noticed before, one that takes advantage of the necromancer's art and the painter's imagination.

Below is Brandon Kitkouski's art of Necromantic Thirst. It was created to illustrate to this art description:

Action: Show a White Black-guild 'penitent' -- a crazy cleric who has had the corners of his/her mouth cut back to his/her ears, then neatly sewn shut again (not in styleguide, but use WB-guild look/feek). The cleric is in some dark evil palace, and is catching a thin stream of blood from an unknown source between his/her cupped hands.
Focus: The spooky blood-collection spell

Necromantic Thirst art by Brandon Kitkouski

Brandon went hog wild here, creating some foul pit of necromancy to enclose the scene in the art description. The creative team all agreed it was freaky—but they liked it.

In Dissension, they chose to return—artistically speaking—to that necromancer's pit. Here's the art description for a card that refers to the same pit depicted in Necromantic Thirst. Can you guess the card?

Action: This spell uses a big pool of blood as a magical locus for raising the dead. See art ID 88973 -- we'd like to see what else is in whatever place this piece is set in. Show two human figures with their arms entwined around each other, slowly levitating out of a big pool of blood.
Focus: the vile spell that raises the dead (two of them, to be precise)
Mood: An unholy, after-death baptism

Macabre Waltz art by Jim Murray


Macabre Waltz

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