New Features for ArtFight!

Posted in Arcana on June 3, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Hey there. Remember ArtFight, the Facebook application where you can arbitrarily rate one piece of Magic art as being better than another one and then bask in a sense of lordly power? Well, it's got some new features. Let's start off with a special wallpaper. Click on the image to download it!

Click here for a special ArtFight wallpaper!

The bonus rounds (where you guess which piece of art other people liked better) are still here, and this time... they're personal. Each time you vote in a bonus round, you'll learn what percentage of people agree with you. And when your streak gets broken, you'll be given the name of someone who disagrees with you, which will presumably initiate some sort of lifelong rivalry. And you can see your history of bonus rounds and post old bonus rounds in the forum for everyone to see.

SwampBut that's not the coolest part. There's now a Global Experience Bar that tracks all the experience earned by everyone on the ArtFight. And every time it fills up, a whole new set of card art gets added to the game! Right now, the community is about halfway to adding Ravnica: City of Guilds to the pool of art. And after Ravnica, who knows?


If you're already on Facebook, login to the application and get fighting! Not on Facebook? Click here to get started.

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