The New Reprint Policy

Posted in NEWS on July 19, 2002

Several months ago, I wrote a column called “Reexamining Reprints: Are We Doing the Right Thing?” about whether the Magic reprint policy was really accomplishing what it was designed to do. I suggested one aspect of the policy that I thought should change (taking Alpha commons and uncommons off the reserved list), and then I asked the poll question “Should the policy be modified?” In what turned out to be one of the most lopsided poll questions ever, 91% of you wanted Wizards to reexamine the reprint policy and change it to accommodate at least the change I was proposing.

Well, we looked into the issue and the revised reprint policy is finally ready to go into effect.

The essence of our reprint policy remains the same -- we still have a reserved list of cards we plan never to print again. However, the newest version of the policy is more streamlined and puts a lot fewer constraints on what Wizards can reprint. Basically, it’s now just a few paragraphs explaining our philosophy followed by the final version of the reserved list. We have no plans to take cards off of this list at any point in the future and we have no plans to put any more cards onto this list at any time in the future.

Here’s a more detailed summary of what’s new in the policy:

  • Rares from the Tempest, Stronghold, Exodus, Urza’s Saga, Urza’s Legacy, and Urza’s Destiny sets were added to the reserved list in accordance with our previous promises. Note that not every rare from those sets which hasn’t been reprinted was added to the list. In other words, Wizards is reserving the right to reprint certain rares from these sets.
  • Several out-of-date examples were deleted, and several sections were rewritten for clarity.
  • The border-color policy section was removed because it was obsolete.
  • Commons and uncommons from Limited Edition (Alpha and Beta) were removed from the reserved list due to overwhelming public support for this change.
  • The exceptions to this policy for non-English cards were removed. There are no longer different rules for English and non-English cards.
  • The rules for figuring out what goes on the reserved list were removed. Wizards is not going to add any cards from Mercadian Masques forward to the list.
  • Rares from Ice Age were added to the reserved list. This should have happened years ago, but was overlooked. That oversight has now been corrected.

You wanted change? You got it... along with some updates and clarifications to boot. Click here if you want to read the new policy.

Here are the results from last week’s polls...

What color has been the best in limited historically? What color has been the worst in limited historically?
White 279 5.3% 1904 50.1%
Blue 1434 27.4% 495 13.0%
Black 1177 22.5% 334 8.8%
Green 542 10.4% 751 19.7%
Red 1803 34.4% 320 8.4%
Total 5235 100.0% 3804 100.0%

For next week I’m curious to learn how widespread a certain opinion is that I’ve seen in a fair number of articles scattered around the Web:

How do you feel when you get “extra simple” cards like Eager Cadet, Trained Orgg, etc., in Seventh Edition booster packs?

(Obviously these options don’t span the entire range of opinions that are out there. Answer with whichever is closest to your opinion, please.)

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