Buy-A-Box Preorder Promotion Continues!

Posted in News on May 18, 2018

By Katie Allison

Katie is a copy editor and occasional writer for DailyMTG, as well as a longtime Magic player with a fondness for giant green creatures. She especially loves Commander, despite having the patience of a fruit fly, and might glare at you if your turn takes too long.

Getting a whole booster box already feels great—so many packs to crack!—but we're always looking for ways to make a good thing even better. That's what the Buy-a-Box promo program is all about. With Dominaria, we tried a couple new things and got a lot of great feedback from stores and players—enough that we're continuing two promotions in Core Set 2019 and beyond!

Prerelease Pickup

Dominaria was the first time you've ever been able to preorder your booster box and pick it up right there at your Prerelease, before the set is even technically out! That proved to be a popular option, so we're sticking with it. For Core Set 2019, Guilds of Ravnica, and beyond, you'll have the opportunity to preorder your booster box for Prerelease pickup at your local game store and get your hands on the new cards faster than ever.

(Supplies are limited—check with your local store for details. This promotion is only available at participating stores that are members of the Wizards Play Network, so make sure you ask!)

Special Promo-Only Cards

Another Dominaria experiment we'll be continuing was the introduction of Firesong and Sunspeaker, a legendary Minotaur creature only available as a Buy-a-Box promo (not even showing up in booster packs). Going forward, we'll be continuing this promotion, offering a mechanically unique Buy-a-Box promo card at local game stores with each major set release for the foreseeable future. Grab your booster box from your favorite local game store to get your extra-special promo.

(As above, supplies are limited—check with your local store for details. This promotion is only available at participating stores that are members of the Wizards Play Network.)

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