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Posted in News on March 8, 2018

By Blake Rasmussen

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As many of you might know, there's a document going around with the Chinese Dominaria Release Notes. As you can imagine, this has caught the attention of the community and has been rapidly translated.

It's true, it's real, and it sucks that this information got out earlier than we intended.

In this case, we messed up and inadvertently let this out the door. It's not ideal, but we're going to make the best of it by trying a few new things to make sure that you still get a fun and exciting look at our return to Dominaria for Magic's 25th Anniversary.

So here's how preview season is going to look a bit different:

  • At the bottom of this document, you'll find the translated versions of the Release Notes that have been making the rounds online. This way inaccurate translations are not making the rounds.
  • On Monday, we'll release the mechanics article by Matt Tabak and an article from Aaron Forsythe about the rules changes coming with Dominaria.
  • On Tuesday, we'll release some preview articles that were already written to give you a look at some of the thoughts behind this flavorful, resonant, incredible set.
  • We will not yet be releasing the full Card Image Gallery for the set. Despite rules and text of so much of the set getting out, there are actually a ton of cool surprises in the art, the look of the cards, and the flavor text. We know many of our fans value these bits about the cards, and we're still going to make every effort to make those exciting.
  • We have a super-secret project associated with Dominaria that involves a fun new way to play Magic. We had already planned to talk about it, but now we can talk about it using Dominaria cards as an example. So, we'll call that a silver lining.

But it won't stop there. We've done a lot of work to give you a look behind the scenes of our return to Magic's home plane that will celebrate what makes Dominaria so special to our fans.

  • Access Magic episodes featuring Richard Garfield, Mark Rosewater, and stories you can't get anywhere else. We'll talk about the design of Sagas and how they tap into Dominaria's rich history, the world of Dominaria, and how the Gatewatch fits into the picture.
  • Five episodes of Magic Story Podcast featuring Ethan Fleischer and Kelly Digges that dive real deep into topics like the Mending, Terisiare history, the Church of Serra, and more.
  • Three new episodes of Enter the Battlefield looking at what it means to return to Dominaria.

Dominaria is an amazing set we're very excited to share with you, so in one way, lifting that veil early is exciting. We're home again—we just got there a little sooner than we planned.

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