European War of the Spark Test

Posted in News on February 19, 2019

By Wizards of the Coast

As we look for new ways to optimize the experience of Prerelease weekend, we're testing an expansion of our Prerelease Early Sale promotion.

In Europe stores only, all War of the Spark products will be available for sale beginning April 27, the Saturday of Prerelease weekend.

When we talk about Europe, we refer to all countries within Europe plus Russia, South Africa, and the Middle East. Outside of this, War of the Spark release will be on May 3.

Why test an expanded early sale?

After the success of our Prerelease Early Sale promotion, we know there's demand for our players to already make a purchase at time of the Prerelease, at the peak moment of excitement about a set.

For War of the Spark Prerelease weekend, European stores will be able to offer whatever amount and combination of War of the Spark products they wish: full booster displays with the Buy-a-Box promo, individual boosters, Planeswalker Decks, and bundles.

We plan to take a holistic look at the impact of this experiment. After Prerelease weekend and on through the rest of the season, we'll analyse the test across Europe to gauge reception.

Does this change the WAR release date?

The global release date of War of the Spark remains May 3. In Europe only, retail stores may sell War of the Spark products (Prerelease packs, boosters, boosters display, bundles, and Planeswalker Decks) a few days early, starting on April 27.

In addition, thank you to everyone that has reached out to us in the past week with your concerns and feedback for War of the Spark Prerelease dates and the coinciding MagicFest London. We can assure you that your voice is being heard.

As we have MagicFest in London on the same weekend as the War of the Spark Prerelease, eligible WPN stores in the UK and Republic of Ireland will be able to schedule Friday Prerelease events. In addition to this, all stores in the UK and Republic of Ireland can begin their full War of the Spark sales starting Friday April 26. This means:

  • UK and Republic of Ireland stores can sell the whole War of the Spark product range (Prerelease packs, boosters, boosters displays, bundles, and Planeswalker Decks) as of Friday, April 26.
  • These Prereleases can be run using the Sealed format, and stores may choose to run additional War of the Spark events, including Draft.
  • As of April 26, UK and Republic of Ireland eligible stores will be allowed to sell the whole War of the Spark product range. This will not stop afterward (meaning this will not be limited to April 26 or to the Prerelease weekend).

We are excited to extend this weekend to provide even more opportunities to enjoy War of the Spark.

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