Grand Prix Kyōto Sold Out

Posted in News on February 27, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

The tournament organizer for Grand Prix Kyōto, Hobby Station, announced that as of Thursday, February 26, Grand Prix Kyōto reached its main-event maximum capacity through online preregistration.

However, while all seats in Grand Prix Kyōto have been preregistered, there is still a three-day waiting period for payments to be processed. If payment is not processed for a preregistered seat in this event, the reservation will automatically be cancelled and the seat will be made available again.

Seats that are cancelled will be returned to preregistration on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you wish to preregister for the Grand Prix Kyōto main event and were not able to do so before tickets sold out, follow Hobby Station on Twitter and check their website regularly for updates and to inquire with them directly.

In addition, a very limited number of Grand Prix Kyōto main event seats will be held for Last-Chance Trial winners on Friday, before the main event takes place, if a Last-Chance Trial winner does not have a seat in Saturday's tournament.

Grand Prix Kyōto takes place April 17–19. The main event for this Grand Prix is Legacy Constructed and starts on April 18. For the latest information, visit Hobby Station's Grand Prix Kyōto website for the latest details.

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