Legends Return: The First Dominaria United Previews Are Here

Posted in News on July 21, 2022

By Adam Styborski

Stybs has played Magic the world over, writing and drafting as part of the event coverage team and slinging Commander everywhere his decks will fit.

Where it all began.

30 years ago, a high fantasy plane set the stage for the battles of planeswalkers and titans of wizardry. It was filled with elves and goblins and dragons and angels spread across beautiful landscapes where the crack of spellcasting could be heard. Evocative and inviting, the rich depth of stories to be told was just beginning to be realized.

Dominaria, after all, is the legendary setting for the first Magic release nearly 30 years ago.

Dominaria United Mountain
Art by: Johannes Voss

Today, Magic has shared dozens of planes—far-flung locations across the Multiverse, each a fantastical setting in its own right—but its home has always been Dominaria. For our 30th anniversary, and the start of our latest arc of story, Magic returns here with Dominaria United releasing September 9, 2022.

Dominaria United Key Art
Art by: Justyna Dura

Dominaria United set logo

Dominaria United expansion symbolDominaria United Commander expansion symbol

Dominaria United expansion symbol (left) and Dominaria United Commander expansion symbol (right)


Dominaria United Set Code: DMU

Dominaria United Commander Set Code: DMC

Website: Dominaria United

Preorder Now: Amazon and your local game store

Dominaria United Key Dates

  • Dominaria United Story: August 10–18
  • A Look at Dominaria's History and Worldbuilding: August 16
  • Debut Video and Previews Begin with Wizards Presents: August 18
  • Dominaria United Card Image Gallery Complete: August 26
  • Dominaria United Commander Previews: August 19
  • Dominaria United Commander Card Image Gallery Complete: August 22
  • MTG Arena and Magic Online Release: September 1
  • Prerelease Events (including Dominaria United Jumpstart Boosters): September 2–8
  • Worldwide Release: September 9
  • Launch Weekend: September 9–11
  • Game Day: September 17
  • Commander Party Events: September 30–October 2
  • Store Championships: October 15–22

Dominaria United Collector Booster display

Dominaria United Draft Booster display

Dominaria United Set Booster display

Dominaria United Jumpstart Booster display

Picking up Dominaria United at your local game store? You can receive the Buy-a-Box promo card (while supplies last). Get the Buy-a-Box Llanowar Loamspeaker promo card for picking up a Set, Draft, Jumpstart, or Collector Booster display from your local game store:

Llanowar Loamspeaker Buy-a-Box promo

(Llanowar Loamspeaker is a rare you'll also find in Dominaria United.)

Llanowar LoamspeakerExtended-art Llanowar Loamspeaker

Then Game Day, taking place one week after Dominaria United's release on September 17, will have three promo cards available for participants (while supplies last): Touch the Spirit Realm, Workshop Warchief, and Shivan Devastator

Game Day Touch the Spirit RealmGame Day Workshop WarchiefGame Day Shivan Devastator

(Shivan Devastator is a mythic rare that can also be found in Dominaria United.)

Shivan DevastatorExtended-art Shivan Devastator

Plus, you can step up to the challenge at Store Championships, taking place October 15–22. Store Championships are competitive events with exclusive prizes for participating—and they get even cooler for winning.

Spell Pierce Store Championship promoGilded Goose Store Championship promoOmnath, Locus of Creation Store Championship promo

These promo cards for participating, making Top 8, or winning your store's Store Championship—like all in-store promo cards—are available only while supplies last.

Finally, if you live in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa (EMEA), we're doing something new with Dominaria United: To kick-start our upcoming Magic: The Gathering 30th anniversary celebrations with the eagerly awaited return to the plane of Dominaria, we're delighted to announce that for the first time ever, Wizards of the Coast will be releasing all Boosters, Bundles, and Commander decks for Dominaria United as a special sales promotion in WPN stores in EMEA alongside Prerelease events, September 2–8. Check with your local store for more information.

The Dominaria United Story

On August 10, with the final beat publishing when the Wizards Presents broadcast arrives on August 18, the Dominaria United story begins following Karn as he looks back on Dominaria's past to prepare for its future. This sets the stage for the story unfolding over four sets—starting here with Dominaria United—and returns with familiar faces from our last visit.

Dominaria United Karn artwork
Art by: Chris Rahn
Dominaria United Jaya artwork
Art by: Marta Nael
Dominaria United Ajani artwork
Art by: Adam Rex

Visit DailyMTG beginning August 10 to read the start of an epic arc that kicks off with Dominaria United.

A Preview of What's to Come

When we visited the plane last in the eponymous set Dominaria, the skies were bright and full of hope for an even brighter future. So what question is Karn trying to answer?

Evolved SleeperExtended-art Evolved Sleeper

The enemy is already on Dominaria, and it's only a matter of time before conflict breaks out.

Jaya, Fiery NegotiatorBorderless Jaya, Fiery Negotiator

Temporal FirestormExtended-art Temporal Firestorm

When Wizards Presents kicks off on August 18, the Dominaria United story will be complete, and we'll share even more previews from the set.

Lost Legends

Dominaria United is an inflection point between celebrating Dominaria's past and looking ahead to the future with a story that crosses into the Multiverse. Magic turns 30 years old in 2023, and we're kicking off Magic: The Gathering's 30th Anniversary Celebration with Dominaria United.

We're making it legendary, literally, with a few special features for this release.

The first among these is one of most exciting additions to sets ever: Dominaria United Collector Boosters featuring cards from physical Legends boosters printed in 1994.

Legends cards such as those—and many more—will appear only in Dominaria United Collector Boosters, and we're serious that we pulled these from Legends boosters. You can see a video of boosters being opened and learn more about this addition to Dominaria United Collector Boosters with Blake Rasmussen's breakdown of what Legends cards you can find.

A Legendary Experience

Collector Boosters aren't the only boosters we're ensuring have exciting things to open.

In Dominaria United, the "legends in every pack" we featured with the Dominaria release is back: this time Set, Draft, and Collector Boosters will contain a legendary card in each booster, showing off a cast of beloved legends and characters that longtime fans will recognize. There are more than 40 legendary creatures across the set, with surprising appearances for new and longtime fans to discover.

Braids Dominaria United artwork

And we're not done yet.

Legends Retold Box Toppers

Box Toppers return for Dominaria United and can be found with each Set, Draft, and Collector Booster display! Legends Retold Box Toppers contain one traditional foil card from among 19 legendary creatures and one planeswalker, each a new design inspired by a legendary creature found in the original Legends set. (These new cards will be available in Dominaria United Collector Boosters in both non-foil and foil-etched versions as well.)

Ramirez DePietro, Pillager Box TopperTor Wauki the Younger Box TopperJasmine Boreal of the Seven Box Topper

Those are just three of the 20 available, with more deep cuts and throwbacks we'll show off later.

Dominaria United Jumpstart Boosters

Jumpstart Boosters return with Dominaria United, joining Draft, Set, and Collector Boosters as a booster type for upcoming premier sets. Featuring two foil basic lands, two rares—one new rare unique to this Jumpstart Booster release and one rare or mythic rare from Dominaria United—and 20 total Magic cards. There are ten themes—two for each of the five colors—to mix, shuffle, and play:

  • White: Coalition Corps and Coalition Legions
  • Blue: Mystic Mischief and Arcane Mischief
  • Black: Totally Ruthless and Totally Merciless
  • Red: Ready to Charge and Ready to Attack
  • Green: Beast Territory and Monster Territory

Two Jumpstart Boosters are all anyone needs to jump into playing Magic and provide another way to join in the Dominaria United Prerelease action September 2–8.

Plus, one of the non-foil basic lands in each Dominaria United Jumpstart Booster features the showcase stained-glass treatment.

Stained-Glass Treatment

Wait—showcase stained-glass treatment? We'll let their beauty speak for themselves with the five stained-glass basic lands, available in both foil and non-foil.

Dominaria United Showcase PlainsDominaria United Showcase IslandDominaria United Showcase Swamp

Dominaria United Showcase MountainDominaria United Showcase Forest

We'll share all the ways you can find these basic lands—plus more cards that feature this treatment—when Dominaria United previews begin with Wizards Presents on August 18.

Dominaria United Commander

Legendary characters as legendary creatures continue with Dominaria United Commander, two ready-to-play decks that release alongside Dominaria United on September 9. These decks feature new versions of two Dominaria characters we saw in Modern Horizons 2:

  • Legends' Legacy, a red-white-black deck with Dihada
  • Painbow, a five-color deck with Jared Carthalion

Legends' Legacy Commander deckPainbow Commander deck

Dihada, Binder of Wills artwork

Jared Carthalion artwork

Dominaria United Commander decks are 100-card, ready-to-play decks, each featuring two foil cards and several new Magic cards to expand your collection. Additionally, each Commander deck includes a Collector Booster Sample Pack: a two-card pack containing a taste of what you can find in Dominaria United Collector Boosters, including a card in the beautiful stained-glass treatment as well as a rare or mythic rare (either in traditional foil or non-foil) from the set.

We'll show off the new Dihada and Jared cards when Dominaria United previews begin with Wizards Presents on August 18, then share more new Dominaria United Commander cards and the complete decklists on August 19.

Next Stop: Wizards Presents

While we have plenty of Dominaria United left to show you, the August 18 broadcast of Wizards Presents is so much more. It's our biggest day of announcements yet, showing off upcoming releases for Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons with exclusive looks into what's to come for the next year from us here at Wizards of the Coast.

Wizards Presents logo

Wizards Presents Key Artwork

For Magic, that means a first look at the rest of 2022 and through 2023 as we reveal our biggest upcoming releases—including releases for Secret Lair and Universes Beyond.

Upcoming Magic Releases Timeline

Watch as we open the curtain and reveal what's behind these codenames with Wizards Presents—followed by the first day of previews for Dominaria United—on August 18!

. . . Just One More Thing

We said Dominaria United is the beginning of Magic: The Gathering's 30th Anniversary Celebration, and it's not just what you can find inside Dominaria United. Prerelease events are designed as the fun, first ways to play with new Magic sets at your local game store, and the next eight upcoming Prerelease event weekends add something special to the mix.

30th Anniversary promo Serra Angel30th Anniversary promo Ball Lightning30th Anniversary promo Fyndhorn Elves

These are the first three of the 30 promo cards available at Prerelease events, celebrating each of Magic's 30 years. Each promo card is a reprint, chosen from and releasing in chronological order by the year it was first printed. Some promos will be rarer than others, and while many of these promo cards will be in English only, seven will only be available in another language where Magic is available—the first being Fyndhorn Elves available only in German as shown above!

You'll need to visit and register for Prerelease events at your local game store, beginning with Dominaria United September 2–8, to learn how you can pick up these incredible promo cards.

That's it for today—phew! We'll see you August 18 for Wizards Presents and the kickoff of Dominaria United previews!

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