The Magic Celebrity Cup

Posted in News on June 28, 2019

By Wizards of the Coast

Celebrity Cup Logo

The Magic Celebrity Cup will pit 36 influencer celebrities and Magic experts from France, Germany, and the United Kingdom head to head in intense (but very friendly) competition on behalf of their countries! There's no prize on the line, just sweet, sweet pride and glory.

We're pairing each celebrity with a Magic expert to form six two-person teams representing each country. The celebrities will have only a limited amount of time to learn how to play from the masters. Will they be ready to compete on the big stage, or will they crack under the pressure?

Only two pairings from each country will progress to the second day to battle it out with their European rivals. Who will make it through to wave the banner for their country?

After two intense days of competition on MTG Arena, one country will reign victorious and claim the all-important bragging rights.

Watch the Action Live

The action kicks off Thursday, July 11, and Friday, July 12, at 6 p.m. BST/7 p.m. CEST and will be broadcast live on Twitch. Each country has their own dedicated stream for viewers to follow along:

Introducing the Teams

Decklists – Day Two


Attack from Above (UK, Dan Bull & Autumn Lily)

The Gobbo's (UK, Djarii & Crokeyz)


Dinosaures day 2 (FRANCE – PV Nova et Raphaël Levy)

Sultai Midrange (FRANCE – Jhon Rachid & Jirock)


Gruul Smash (GERMANY - Nerdkultur & Vysen Games)

Esper Again (GERMANY - EinfachPeter & Freakle)


Decklists - Day 1

Angry Angry Dinos (Arekkz & Vestmore)

Sarkhan Teaches Flying (Arekkz & Vestmore)

Fossil Lads (Pala & FallofCthulhu)

Pointy Prancers (Pala & FallofCthulhu)

Bloodsucking Legion (Dan Bull & Autumn Lily)

Everybody Walk the Dinosaur (Dan Bull & Autumn Lily)

Admiral Beckett Brass's Band of Boisterous Bandits (PyrionFlax & Pleasant Kenobi)

Bow Down Before the Might (Dinos) (PyrionFlax & Pleasant Kenobi)

Gobwins? Gobwins. (Goblins) (TwoAngryGamers & Spice8Rack)

Clever Girl (Dinosaurs) (TwoAngryGamers & Spice8Rack)

Domri's Dino's (Djarii & Crokeyz)

The Gobbo's (Djarii & Crokeyz)