Magic Tournament Video Coverage in 2016

Posted in News on December 8, 2015

By Helene Bergeot

Hélène Bergeot started her career with Wizards of the Coast in France in December, 1995; afterwards, she spent a few years in the European headquarters based in Belgium and eventually relocated to the Renton office. She is currently the director of organized play and trade marketing.

The year has almost come to a close. There are no doubts that 2015 was very busy, as the amount of coverage that we strived to provide made for an ambitious task. As we look forward to next year, I wanted to take some time to talk to you about our vision and plans for coverage in 2016, and our aim to refocus the direction of our coverage efforts.

Ongoing Stories across a Set

In February 2012, we aligned the Pro Tour with the release of our new card sets, with Pro Tours being named after the most recently released set and taking place two weeks after that set's release. Pro Tour Dark Ascension was the first of these Pro Tours, setting the stage for each Pro Tour to follow.

This alignment with our major releases each year has been a resounding success. Starting with 2016, we will be producing Grand Prix video coverage in a similar way by prioritizing the events taking place right before and immediately after the Pro Tours.

Because all Grand Prix on a given weekend have the same format, our coverage teams will take a broader look at each format, telling a more cohesive story across multiple locations rather than simply delivering the story of a single event. That exploration of a format will be done against the backdrop of the newest set seeing its first action at the premier-play level.

While we are aiming to refocus our Grand Prix coverage priorities to more closely align with our major set releases, player narratives will continue to drive our direction at events. You can expect to see plenty of player-driven stories carried throughout a set's span from Grand Prix, to Pro Tour, to Grand Prix.

Live video coverage outside of that scope will incorporate a few key weekends, and we will be broadcasting at least one Team Limited and one Legacy Grand Prix in 2016, ensuring that all formats that we support at the premier-play level will be shown at least once in the year.

One Weekend, One Broadcast

In 2016, we will have live video coverage of one—and only one—event in a given weekend. We will incorporate updates and stories from other Grand Prix taking place over the same weekend in the live stream for the Grand Prix that has live video coverage. The goal is for the one broadcast in a given weekend to be a story about the weekend and part of the ongoing narrative leading up to or following a set's Pro Tour, and not simply about the one event.

Video Coverage in 2016

Editor's note: This list has been updated to reflect our March confirmation of coverage at Prague and Atlanta, as well as the shows that were added to the schedule in our July announcement

With this said, here are the events where you will find live video coverage on

  • Grand Prix Vancouver (January 30–31)
  • Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch (February 5–7)
  • Grand Prix Houston (February 27–28)
  • Grand Prix Detroit (March 5–6)
  • Grand Prix Barcelona (April 16–17)
  • Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad (April 22–24)
  • Grand Prix Toronto (April 30–May 1)
  • Magic Online Championship (May 13-15)
  • Grand Prix Prague (June 11–12)
  • Grand Prix Sydney (July 30–31)
  • Pro Tour Sydney (August 5–7)
  • Grand Prix Portland (August 13–14)
  • Grand Prix Indianapolis (August 27-28)
  • 2016 World Championship (September 2–4)
  • Grand Prix Atlanta (October 8–9)
  • Pro Tour Honolulu (October 14–16)
  • Grand Prix Providence (October 22–23)
  • Grand Prix Warsaw (October 29-30)
  • Grand Prix Dallas (November 5-6)
  • Grand Prix Rotterdam (November 12–13)
  • 2016 World Magic Cup (November 18–20)
  • Grand Prix Denver (December 3-4)

We will continue to provide text coverage—as well as the articles, human-interest stories, and decklists that come with it—for every event on our premier-play schedule in 2016. Rest assured that we will continue to chronicle every premier-level tournament in some fashion.

In addition to the shows above, we will be looking at shows without live video that we can supplement with recorded video coverage that will be published after the event takes place, allowing us to tell stories through video that we cannot do with the current live video coverage model.

Finally, we look forward to adding some new faces to Magic coverage in 2016. We will announce the lineup of who you can expect to see, hear from, and read from in early 2016. We're really excited to tell you who will be working with us to bring you the best coverage possible.

While we are proud of the team's accomplishments this year, 2016 will be a year of refocusing our efforts and refining what makes our events into things you won't want to miss, either in person or through our coverage.

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