MTGO Tournament Pack Nix Tix Events

Posted in News on January 26, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

As you may already be aware, the Organized Play program for paper Magic is phasing out Tournament Packs beginning with Conflux. For Magic Online this change starts two weeks prior to the Conflux release events starting on February 27. On February 18 all Shards of Alara and core set Sealed Deck events will switch over to the new booster-only Sealed format, with the Conflux release events later using this change.

This new booster-only sealed format consists of players opening six boosters of product mixed amongst the sets used for the event. For the current core set sealed events players would open six Tenth Edition boosters, while events incorporating two sets would open three boosters of each set or two boosters of each set for events incorporating three sets.

After the scheduled downtime on February 18, all current block (Shards of Alara) and Core Set (Tenth Edition) Sealed Deck events will use these new rules. For future Conflux Sealed events players will need to provide three Shards of Alara boosters and three Conflux boosters (and the appropriate tickets).

The total prize pool for daily events that use six boosters will be increased due to the increased product entry cost, while older and legacy product Sealed Deck daily events using tournament packs and two boosters will remain the same. Details on specific event prize payouts can be seen by clicking on the link in the event's description on Magic Online.

Special Nix Tix Events

In order to provide players with an opportunity to use their remaining Shards of Alara Tournament Packs, beginning February 4, we will be hosting a Shards of Alara "Nix Tix" (no event tickets required, only product) Sealed Deck Championship series, which will run the two weeks prior to the Conflux release. This series will feature Nix Tix Shards of Alara Sealed Deck daily events and Swiss queues offering prizes and the opportunity to qualify for the Shards of Alara Nix Tix Championship on February 21. Full tournament series details to be announced soon.

Shards of Alara Tournament Packs will go off-sale in the Magic Online product store at the conclusion of the Shards of Alara Nix Tix Qualifying Events during the scheduled downtime on February 18.

Tournament packs will still be available and used for Sealed Deck events for older products (Shadowmoor block and earlier), as well as for future legacy products (Tempest tournament packs will be used in the upcoming Stronghold release).

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