New Japanese Cardstock

Posted in News on September 19, 2016

By Wizards of the Coast

Starting with Kaladesh, we have changed the paper used for Japanese-language cards, utilizing a high-quality, recyclable paper that will yield several improvements.

We're letting you know this because you might notice some differences with the new paper. First, the paper is 100% recyclable—the first-ever Magic cards to be certified as such. It is even made from recycled content and sustainably sourced paper pulps. The paper itself is custom-made in Japan specifically for playing cards.

Additionally, people may notice an additional stiffness in the cardstock, and the very observant might note that the cards will fluoresce differently under UV light than previous Japanese printings.

These changes were made in concert with our Japanese printing partners to continually upgrade the quality of our printing process, including our paper. We believe these differences—particularly the recyclable nature of the cards and the sustainability of the paper—are significant steps forward in our printing process.

While we believe most Magic players may not notice these differences, if players are found to be intentionally exploiting these differences for advantage during a tournament, such players may be subject to tournament penalties based on the discretion of the tournament judge.

We take the quality of our cardstock very seriously, and we're excited to partner with our Japanese printer to produce high-quality Japanese-language cards for that market. If you have any feedback, you can always contact us at through Customer Support.

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