Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier Updates

Posted in News on April 6, 2015

By Helene Bergeot

Hélène Bergeot started her career with Wizards of the Coast in France in December, 1995; afterwards, she spent a few years in the European headquarters based in Belgium and eventually relocated to the Renton office. She is currently the director of organized play and trade marketing.

After observing the first round of Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers (PPTQs), and after receiving feedback from stores and players, we will be implementing a change in the formats that stores can select from when sanctioning their PPTQs.

Starting with the Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers scheduled to take place June 6 to August 16, stores can only sanction PPTQs in two different formats: one will match the Constructed format for the Pro Tour the PPTQ is tied to, and the other will be Sealed Deck. For the next round of sanctioning, this means that a store can only sanction Modern Constructed and Sealed Deck.

Sanctioning for the Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers taking place June 6 to August 16 will begin on April 8. These PPTQs will qualify winners for Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers (RPTQs), which will award invitations to the first Pro Tour of 2016. Event information for this round of PPTQs and RPTQs will be posted on Wednesday.

If you'd like to have a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier take place close to you, then talk to your local store and let them know you'd like to play in one.

Also, we are always  reading and listening to feedback about your Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier experiences. If you'd like to share your feedback regarding your PPTQ experience, please let us know

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