Pro Tour Top 8 Best-of-Five Matches Return

Posted in News on January 19, 2016

By Wizards of the Coast

After observing the implementation of best-of-three quarterfinal and semifinal matches at the Pro Tours since February 2014, and after much discussion over the pace of play on Sundays along with discussion regarding feedback on the number of games played, we have decided to return to best-of-five for all Pro Tour matches played on Sunday. This change will be in effect for Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch in Atlanta, Georgia, February 5–7.

Matches in the quarterfinals for the Pro Tour will be played two at a time, with the coverage starting on one match and then checking in on the other quarterfinal match in between games. The two matches selected will be either the top two matches in the Top 8 bracket, or the bottom two matches in the Top 8 bracket.

Once a player in a quarterfinal match has two wins, we'll hold that match and showcase the rest of the games under the camera to ensure that the conclusive game is broadcast on coverage.

After the quarterfinals, we'll return to each match being showcased in its best-of-five entirety, starting with the semifinals for the two players who finished their quarterfinal matches first.

The end result is that viewers at home will still be able to watch more matches, and players in the Top 8 of the Pro Tour will have a better, more decisive set of games in all matches they play on Sunday.

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